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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 6th

I love Andrew Allemann’s weekly post of what end users purchased domains off the weekly sales list.  To me it is always interesting to see who is buying but ever more interesting is how cheap the end users are getting the domains.  We all talk about getting end user pricing and you know what?  The domain owner resell prices are often as good or better than those prices.   What it tells me is don’t worry who your seller is, just sell it and get as much as you can for it.  Now on to today’s names Surprised this one is so cheap. $15,000  Sounds like a tool I would utilize  What all site owners are looking for  Has some search volume and a $7200 Valuate but No Bidders

The.Org   I will be bidding this one up. Be warned 🙂 Has some searches for people looking for 35mm slides conversion.  Especially around the holidays.  A ton of ads on Google for this term and No Bidders   Much better than subsurface mounts  No bidders on this 15 year old domain.  AND it rhymes I like buying LLLL.coms on Godaddy because I think the go for a discount as compared to Namejet  Surprisingly NO bidders.  Gotta be worth more than $69.  Who doesn’t love monkeys?  I think you would garner some attention with this domain name  Great call to action domain  All good letters here  Not sure if this is the best name for dot org but there are no bidders so at this point its for you to decide  C’mon its as good of a name as Big Lots.  No bidders 12 years old  Dot info have value IMO.  Especially with decent words like this one  I actually think this is better without the S so Jerry Jones doesn’t sue you Because so many radio and tv stations start their call letters with W this one will always have some value. OK maybe not always I know, wash my mouth out with soap. I’m just doing my job This could be your tag line for the website above. In all seriousness, I think this makes a site name  Pronounceable.  A word that is too often overused with LLLL.coms.  This actually is  This would be worth much more IMO if it didn’t have the 0.  Not because it would be better with a letter but because its confused with an o.  One of my favorite LLL.nets today  I say $2700 final price  I’ll go with $2300 on this one Deal of the Week! FREE domain with 12+ month Website Builder purchase!

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  1. Shane,

    Allow me the courtesy of plugging a new venture we are launching in October, 2012. is a new Domain Name Sales Market for end-users. We are inviting Professional Domainers to register for free between today and Sunday night at Midnight (a $350 value) to be able to list high grade names for sale. Thank you in advance,

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