SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on December 24th, 2013

Dec 24 2013

It’s Christmas Eve and fortunately I have all my shopping done. I bought myself a little gift yesterday and picked up a new car. My wife and I hadn’t had new cars in 10 years so we splurged over the last few months and bought a little more reliable vehicles. Every vehicle I have bought in the last 25 years are still in use at the nursery showing that I either know how to pick good quality cars or I take good care of them. I am going to go with the first one. If I don’t post tomorrow I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to those that don’t celebrate…. Happy Wednesday.   Here are today’s names.   Because we all know that June is the best month of the year  Not saying this is a real valuable name but its 14 years old and memorable.  And no bidders so it’s $12  S for society.  Great acronym  Negative connotation but no bidders means this memorable saying will most likely be cheap  No bidders.  If it can I’ll buy it   Perfect letters for a  I don’t normally buy names but this is such a common name there are tens of thousands of potential buyers

This is for an $8.49 domain renewal and $3.99 privacy. Has worked for a while and still works.  Also good for $7.50 dot org renewal gdbb776   Child custody is a big business.  Because Fathers will pay whatever they have to so they can retain the rights to see their kids  G for group.  18 years old   I don’t think many people use the term anymore but in the 80s we used this term to refer to our music, our tunes.  No bidders  A PR3  and 14 years old  aka torture   Like Whole Foods with an attitude  As good of letters as you can find  This would have been a $5K name 5 years ago.  Curious to see how it does now  Because it’s short.  That’s enough  Same reason  3512 auction started yesterday and started $1000 higher   I remember when everything was going to be live on the Internet.  Didn’t quite happen but it will eventually


HAVE A NAME AT AUCTION OR FOR SALE?  Let me help you get more bidders and more views to your domain.  contact me for price and availability.

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  1. Kassey

    Thanks Shane for all your posts in 2013. Merry Christmas to you and your family. ps: Can you take off your visor so that I can see your face better?

  2. Bennie

    Just wanted to say Thank You, Sir for all for your hard work and knowledge throughout the year, keep up the great work!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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