SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 5th, 2013

Nov 05 2013

Sorry about the long delay between posts. As I said before I was in NYC for the marathon the past three days and had almost zero time to do anything. I had a solid run and set a new personal record of 3 hours 11 minutes. Pretty happy with the time as New York is one of the harder major marathons and most people don’t have their best race there. I’m most happy that all my hard work and hours of hard work paid off. Getting up every day at 4 am to get out and run is tough. And the tough part of life is that just because you put in the work and the hours, you are not guaranteed the results you want. Especially when you’re running 26 miles. There are just so many variables that can go wrong, but I have to say that I could absolutely feel the extra miles and training in the later miles. For the first time ever in a marathon, I was pretty sure I was going to be able to finish running instead of jogging or walking. A bonus was that I was staying at the home of a celebrity and got to see New York City in a way most people don’t get to experience. It’s odd to be in a home with personal photos of people you see on TV daily. The way the staff takes care of things, the private jet in and out, is a life I have trouble comprehending. But I’m trying to comprehend a little more each day ūüôā Here are today’s domains that may get you closer to that private jet. ¬†Pretty sure there’s a neighborhood, area, or business with the name. ¬†An upgrade name. 16 years old  I like dot cc names but nobody else does or did but they seem to be getting more expensive.  With all the fast chips you are finding gamers wanting as good of graphic cards as they can get.  15 years old  Real cheap at press time.   People tend to not like LLL.coms that end in Q quite as much  A chick name but girls buy domains too.  11 years old that sounds like a college on TV that you sign up for but not have any credits that carry over I don’t know what V shots are or will be but pretty sure there will eventually be something called Vshots No bidders.  $12 is worth a flyer on this search name IMO ¬†No bidders. I know that when I’m in pain I will search for anything and pay almost any amount to make it go away. ¬†Go advertising name  Pronounceable has the most bids of the day ¬†Solar is the future….it’s just taken a little longer than we wanted. ¬†You can still be a part

Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31!  A last name or an organization. 18 years old  18 years old.  Great kids learning name  Perfect letters especially when O actually stands for Organization  Would be an upgrade for a few people  Huge possibilities with a build out on this one  Ends early in the morning if you want it  We could have had this for half the price a year ago but it might be half the cost of what it may be a few years from now


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Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31!

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