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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on October 9th, 2013

I’m officially not going to be able to go to TRAFFIC again this year.  I had held a small chance that I was going to be able to go but I just have too much going on the rest of this month and on a personal note I am trying to run a 3 hr 3:05 marathon in NY and my training is going very well.  Going out late each night and no sleep is not the ideal ending to 6 months of hard training.  I know everyone will have a great time and anyone that wants to talk my phone is still working.  Not as good as in person but I always enjoy good domain conversation.  Here are today’s names.  Already at $15K.  You can have mine for a third of that.  Better yet. Buy both   At no reserve on Cax so the first bid starts an auction.  If nobody else gets it, it’s yours for $50 And 22 other High Search dot infos. Of course I like At $2 per domain at press time  Solid marketing name for $25. 14 years old  I think of stock but for $10 I think you will profits will only go up with this buy   Because Christmas isn’t perfect And 6 other high population domains. Presently at $5 per domain   I think the plural would be a big upgrade but if purchased right I like it   Muy liquido  The starting bid is $129 but great sounding brand and 8 years old  Only one bidder at press time.  Worth much more than that   Starts with a four but that hasn’t stopped any of the prices lately

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD)  And 12 other exact match domains. I was surprised to see how many ads there were on Google for the home loan name.  Ends in my favorite letter  17 years old  No bidders and who doesn’t want higher sales?    Plenty of uses for this besides sports.   Can’t think of one right now but give me a little time……………………….maybe later  You don’t see three number dot orgs up for sale.  I really don’t even know what they’re worth.  We’re going to find up   And another

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