SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 18th

Sep 18 2012

The quality of names at Godaddy have been dwindling in the last month.  It probably is just pure chance but it could be the fact that more names are getting renewed each year.  Today’s poor Namejet list I know is just chance.  There are a lot of solid names coming up over the next week.  Short list but it’s all I could find.  This one is going to do really well.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see this cross $3K.  16 Years old  Some will say this is pronounceable but I say lets just call it an acronym and be happy  14 years old  Hard to believe there are no bidders on this one.  Maybe I’m the only one old enough to know how popular these used to be   Easy buildout……..if you like English Bulldogs  Kitchens and interior design are doing extremely well.  No bidders on this one and for the price I think you could get a good jump in the rankings with this name.  Good despite the dot net 10 years old. A little surprised by the price. Good name but reaching it’s top  Sounds like a web 2.0 company.  Or a tribal warrior   A nice  I’m not a big fan of numbers that start with 0 but sale prices don’t reflect my feelings

Dedicated Servers at Deal of the Week! $4.95 .COM domains.  Offer ends 9/25/2012!

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