SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 1st of 2013

Jan 01 2013

What a nice New Years gift.  A great list.  A pretty nice way to start off the new year.    I’m off to a New Years party so not much time for chit chat (wrote this last night) .  If you’re reading this you survived last night so that’s nice.  Here are today’s names and the daily quote.

“You can’t trust a promise someone makes while they’re drunk, in love, hungry, or running for office.” -Joe Moore You’re not going to forget this one. 1998 birthday I knew this would do well just not $1000 well. Must be all that Groupon money 8 years old NO bidders. Not saying it’s worth a lot more than $12 but I do like the name. Good geo buildout company name You know this isn’t a government name. It would be Hiking would obviously be better but NO bidders. $12 would be a solid price A ton of .cc domains dropping today. High renewal fee per year but this one is one to think about. Receive credit cards. Good merchant services domain Sounds kind of techy 1991 domain. Worth taking a look at just for the age  17 year old domain.  So much cooler than  As I said before. Sometimes you need more, other times less  Nice aged  16 years old   Going to be a porn site, guaranteed.  I’ll let you know  I wish  Don’t know what use but two short, simple,  words and No bidders  Its one level above VIP and you pay $3,000 a bottle.  Get to sit with the DJ  No bidders and plenty of possible buyers.  Google it  Same concept here.  Except you get a city and a state with this one.  One bidder  I am one.  I probably have 25 running shoes and 10 pair of Sanuks  Expiring so you may want to put in a bid at a few places. Liquido  T-Shirts are under a dollar if you buy from China   I’m not a huge fan of Jamaica but millions of people go there every year  I like this one because it’s short and has a Z.  I find Z sexy


It’s a BIG Deal! 99¢* .COM from!


Go Daddy Web Hosting: 3 months of Economy Hosting for $.99/mo.

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  1. Guy

    you mean ‘zexy’ lol
    it needs to be said with a russian or eastern european accent for full effect

    1. Post author


      I tell my employees the same thing just don’t follow it myself. Only have 26 though.

      I saw the Groupon on Warrior Forum first and saw there that you could use one per city. I could be wrong or even have it backwards but I thought the domain blogs copied info from there. Regardless, kudos to anyone that helped give us that incredible deal.

      Quote is there, you must have missed it.

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