SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 5th

Mar 05 2013

I really don’t have anything domain related to talk about so I thought I would link you to a good Mila Kunis interview.  Not only is Mila hot but she’s got a great sense of humor.  This young British guy leads her and she goes right along with.  After you watch the interview make sure to come on back and check out the names.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going”  -? A real PR6 with 2.8K back links. 17 year old domain Great tanning salon name or a real indoor beach like the have all over Dubai Already over $7K. How We Shoot Dice organization is all over this 12 year old name No bidders. A fun name for $12. 10 years old You’re one letter away from porn. Will cost you $7K plus

$3.99 .COM and Free Private Registration from!

Go Daddy Featured Offer! 35% off New Products! Offer good through 3/5/2013!   I’d love to have this one if I repaired watches or time machines   Definitely no t-shirt makers in the US but I think a printer would still like this one.  Only one bidder at press time  All great letters.  Will do well  I know more than one person that got divorced over online gaming.  Better name than most realize.  But probably still going to be used to sell games  No bidders. A whole website could be made up of open items at stores.   No bidders. Magic is giving $1 million to invite Labron to the dunkfest next year  Obvious basketball play here but could be used for other things. I just can’t think of any of them   Department of Mines and Minerals or Department of Mice and Men



Go Daddy Featured Offer! 35% off New Products! Offer good through 3/5/2013!- 468x60

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  1. Michael

    Man, do I love Mila Kunis as much ad the next guy, I mean shes smokinh hot. Shes loses points for dating Ashton Kutcher, amd sleeping with Justin Timberlake on while they were filming that shitty movie together. Wanted to share something that REALLY changed the way I look at her. Imagine waking up to thattt in the

    Sorry….. In the meantime, Ill take Sofia Vergara. Who dates an evem biggggger douche than Mila. Nick Loeb….? Really? Money can buy you almost anything these days.

  2. Michael

    Sorry about all those mispells. Typing on a phone at 8am on a bus can get a little tricky. I’m sure you guys got my point.

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