SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on July 24th, 2013

Jul 24 2013

Had one of those great days yesterday.  Started off with a great run where I felt like I was doping like Lance Armstrong.  A nice average of 6:38 pace for 10 miles.  This healthy eating thing has me doing thing I never thought possible.  Then I took my day off to help a friend that has breast cancer and spent the whole day landscaping her yard so when she came home from Chemo she would have a fully landscaped back yard. Turned out beautiful.  I have to admit after those two things I was exhausted.  I was rewarded when I came to see that I had made 10X my investment on a name I bought last month at auction and put it right back up for sale.  Hell of a day.  Going to try and do it again today 🙂 (and picture doesn’t do it justice)

“Don’t count the days, make the days count” 12 years old. Good tech blog name With the popularity of Sodastream I would think this may have some value. No bidders Fails the radio test but passes the short and cool test

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD sold three times last year on Namejet and this one should hit similar prices  No bidders.  I may be the only one but I think this would make a great brand.  12 years old   Would be a good marketing name for many of these companies selling walnut bowls.  Might even be a better company name  Great domain blog name.  I may be switching  No 4 at start or end means big bucks  I like triple Ds  Meetup site or the newest Ashley Madison  This is a battle I would attend


Go Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

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  1. Domainggg

    Hey Shane!
    I saw that “” sold for 4,900 Euro, I remember that this domain was in your favorite list of .co domain auction at sedo and I must say this was a good ROI for seller.

    Well, congrats on your sale, hope you do well with your business… Cheers…

  2. Leon

    Hey Shane,
    You continue to be an inspiration on being healthy, altruistic and generally getting shit done without excuses! What a man!

    Two questions…

    1) Did you get my email on the state of 5Ls
    2) Where did the sale take place?

    1. Post author


      Yes I got you email. 5L have become a great divide. The good names are worth more than ever with the bad names becoming almost worthless. Knowing which is which is the skill. And 2. Sold it at auction at Namejet

  3. David Gruttadaurio

    Congrats on a great day and fantastic sale. Quick question: If we all have to wait 60 days before transferring domains, how are you (and others) able to flip these back for sale so quickly? Always wondered about that?

  4. leon

    Thanks for the response Shane. Only asked as I recently picked up a couple 5Ls at auction. They contain decent letters so the test will be to see what value I can get out of them.

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