SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 26th

Sep 26 2012

I usually tell you what I did yesterday in this opening paragraph but I didn’t do shit yesterday so I’ll just leave this little list here for you to peruse and I’ll walk away.  Enjoy.  ….Oh wait, I got a haircut.   OK, now take a look at the list.   Don’t see many NNN.coms come up for auction Obviously LiveMusic is worth 100X more but still a nice name. 17 years old  I always thought acronyms that end in O with the org tld don’t work very well but the more I think about it the more I feel it might be perfect because it IS an org. 18 years old I’ve always been a big fan of names that start with modern. I own moderngardener. I think it sounds…well…modern Very memorable and trendy. 10 years old A nice little brand and I can guarantee you will never finish writing about all zillion things. No bidders $12   145 bidders means 12 real bidders that fails the radio test but I think it still is worth $300 or so Great weather brand with NO bidders. 14 years old I like this one a lot and it’s still under $100. I don’t expect it to stay there Vegas is the king of hosting fights and you may get a few typo for vegas flights  I know people are looking for sportsbooks here in the US. Gambling affiliates pay big money. And finally, gambling WILL become legal in the US eventually.  No bidders   No bidders. I’ll give you one.  Don’t put a bandaid on a hairy strawberry on your leg.  It doesn’t heal and taking it off will make you almost faint CCC.coms are rocking it this year And another  I guess it could be a brand….or an omelet


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  1. Joe

    In the ‘O’ is actually a great plus because, among others, it might stand for ‘Organization’ which is the extended version of the very .org TLD.

  2. Michael

    Good list today. I definitely see brandables leading the way as trending domain purchases by end users. Also..
    “I’ve always been a big fan of names that start with modern. I own moderngardener. I think it sounds…well…modern”

    Completely agree here. A HUGE project I’m starting soon is Celebrities and celebrity babies are considered Modern Royalty by the youth (and sadly some adults)

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