SHANE’S BIG LIST:Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on July 4th, 2013

Jul 04 2013

I love July 4th. Everything it represents and everything we do to celebrate. No work, family, and finish it off with fireworks. I’ll be doing the typical 4th of July things. Biking 25 miles with 15 friends early in the morning. Running a 5k with my daughter at 10 and then Mom, Dad, and Brother and family are coming over for the afternoon. Should be a great day. I hope everyone has a great day as well whether they are celebrating a holiday or not. Here are today’s names.

“For fast-acting relief try slowing down.”  -Lily Tomlin Great and should top $10K easily. If you are going to buy it feel free to click though here as I need a new pair of running shoes. So many uses from security to thermostats. 14 years old Dirt Track Racing Online. Yeee Hawww!!

You know I love LLLL.coms that end in A but this one ends in two As. It has me all giddy As short as it gets. The dot org lets it become more affordable for the regular guy With mobile users increasing by leaps and bounds this name is a fantastic name for those that have a way to monetize these users

Featured Offer – $2.99 .coms now at GoDaddy! Now through 7/9/2013!  I know two guys with this name.  Neither can afford the auction price. “Why Shane, how do you know the end price?”  It doesn’t matter.  They couldn’t afford $69  Means “you will make a lot of money” in Chinese.  Just kidding, I have no idea what it means but if you own the domain you probably will  Henry Kissinger comes to mind   Surprised there is such a low number of bidders.  A lot of people care about their SER  Used to be a thing  There is a big list of Asian dot nets today.  It’s not the 4th in China so why not  Name there, penis here

$1 / mo Economy hosting for 12 months from Go Daddy

Have an auction ending that isn’t getting any attention? Contact me to see how I can help

$1 / mo Economy hosting for 12 months from Go Daddy

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