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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, December 2nd, 2022

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was write a book. You know I love to tell a story and I think I have a book in me. Coming up with a subject has always been where I wavered. I have a lot of good stories and content but it’s pretty broad. Yet one period in time comes up when I think about what was one of the more entertaining periods of my life with the best stories. It’s working at the dog track.

In 1990 my Dad decided to leave my Mom. It wasn’t unforeseen or unexpected. As a matter of fact, in the US it had pretty much become the norm to get divorced after your kids all left the house. I didn’t have a friend that didn’t have a similar fate. What made this a little more difficult was my Dad didn’t want to split things. So it left things tied up in court. One of those things tied up was money to me. Money that I was using for simple things. Like eating and rent. So I needed to find a job.

I thought of my skillset. I was young. I had a good back. I could do manual labor. I could be a waiter or work in food services. I didn’t know how to make a good drink and I was average looks, so bartender jobs sounded great, but probably wouldn’t get hired. Maybe I could gamble my way into regular income. I could be a bookie. Maybe an intermediate to a bigger bookmaker and get him into the fraternity houses? All these things crossed my mind. Some sounded like a lot of time for a little money or a great way to send me to jail where at least my rent and food would be provided. +1 for illegal activities.

I decided to go the hybrid route. 45 miles away from campus, in Eutaw Alabama lied Greenetrack Greyhound racing. A place I loved to go with friends, have a few drinks, and gamble on dogs. 95% African American clientele except for the weekends where people came from all over to have a nice meal and gamble. I came across the job while in the midst of looking for a job in the paper. “Tellers Wanted: Greenetrack” Tellers. Taking bets. Gambling. I knew every bet. I knew how to wheel the 3 with the 345 with the all minus the 6 dog. I am as good as anyone when it comes to 3 digit math. I am good with people, good with money, and would understand every bet they gave me. $9 with tips and discounted lunch? This is my dream job. So I hopped in my 1976 300D (D is for Diesel) Mercedes with a plaid Bear Bryant top and drove to Eutaw Alabama.

So this kind of sets up the book and the story. It really was an incredible year. I have to find out the name of the dog, I can’t find it and I can’t remember it, but the year I was there we had a dog that had come in 1st , 2nd, or 3rd for 50 straight races. And during that run they kept saying “This is the new Joe Dump” Who was Joe Dump? Joe was a legend at Greenetrack. In 1978 Joe Dump set the world record for most wins in a row for a Greyhound (since beaten). He made local and national papers and record crowds showed up just to watch Joe Dump. A local legend that competed with Bear Bryant. I loved hearing stories of the people that were there during those times. “Joe used to toy with the other dogs. He was the smartest dog ever to race. Would analyze his competition before the race and if he thought they were slow he would get out in front and lead the whole way and if they were fast he would trail them until they tired and pass them in the stretch. He figured out his plan before he even raced” was a story an older gentleman told me. As if Joe Dump had told him that personally in his own voice.

That’s the name of my book “Chasing Joe Dump” (here’s an article about him )There is a lot of meat to chew on for the book. Plenty of characters, me meeting a girl who was black. Ohhh scandal in Alabama, a white boy kissing a black girl. Lots of excitement and stories from the track. Easily 60,000 words of 200 pages of stories in there. Of course, plenty of editing to be had. What do you think? Would you read it?

Answer after you look through the names

Product of the Day: As you know I grow a ton of plants indoors. I have a Carolina Reaper that is STILL producing peppers all winter long. This thing has been the reason. Incredible light. This would have cost 10X before LED’s lowered the cost. Full Spectrum too. If you have some house plants or plants you brought in that are suffering. This will make it summer in your house.

Quote of the Day: “”The crowd would start cheering when he came down the backstretch. It was like a high school football rivalry or a college football game.” -fan describing Joe Dump

Domain of the Day: Such a positive name. So many uses and all of them exude they are going to help you get better

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction German for turning assistance or Driver’s Assistance . Gets 2200 visits to the domain Sex sells. We’ll see if it does here Closes today. Price is fair for a decent At the low end of the reserve so a chance to sell. As short and “rare” of a dot org as their is This has a low reserve. Its a private listing but great product or marketing names for someone IMO Big big category and great SEO name. Pending delete so will need to get in bid at several places A nice clean divorce

Godaddy Domains With Bids Dot cc is incredible when it comes to numerics. They have held value better than anything but dot com. And I look at Godaddy raking in $40,000 from it. I need to get in that market The closet organization market is a billion dollar business. Trademark abandoned so wide open here Another HUGE market. A bit generic but maybe you showcase all the brands not be the brand Open up the can of worms and build this one out. This is taken in 26 extensions and you know why? Because it sounds absolutely delicious Say all you want about body image. People still want to be thinner. And most should because their weight is drastically effecting their health. Although fast isn’t the way. The only fast you want is the amount of time before you start working on yourself. That needs to be fast. Super strong letters. Taken in 29 extensions which makes it top tier as well Half as good of a name and will be half the final price …or less The car painting business is being crushed with all the wrapping going on. Cheaper and nicer With all the data and products out there the big money is going to be in building trust with an audience and showing them your favorites. Influential curation So many things need relieving. Pain, debt, stress. A lot of money to be made in all of these. People will pay anything to get rid of them With God and 45 other extensions involved it has some value Same here minus God and with a few extra extensions registered Sounds like I can get my Medical Marijuana card here Has some good bids but not sure how this has much value beyond being a palm grower Gender Reveal Parties comes to mind and of course I own that domain

A few More 4L.coms

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer As a person that doesn’t have a working thyroid I appreciate the importance of these two and how they help your thyroid produce thyroxine. Your thyroid control more than you know There is a a reason we add it to our table salt. If you don’t eat much salt you might need these Don’t make your disposable income disposable Decentralized or a car wash

The Rest of the Godaddy Domains with Bids

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