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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, November 11th, 2022

After 27 years of running the nursery I have made the decision to retire. It was an incredibly difficult decision for me, my family, and my company. We are family owned and run and the wear and tear of retail took its toll. Incredibly at 80 my Dad still wanted to be in decision making remotely. Ironically watching the show Succession made me realize what my future years looked like. My family has all made it to 95 plus and time is precious. It came down to me or him and he wanted the reigns and I gladly gave them back to him. My brother will continue on just fine without me and I have things I want to do. I have made some good money on the side over the years and I still have a skillset that I think I can create something to pay the bills for this last chapter. Fortunately those bills are very small. House is paid, cars are paid and daughter is getting paid to finish up her PhD. Its just the perfect time to try something I really want to do. I don’t know what that is but I’ll figure it out. I will be able to spend more time on DSAD and make it better as well as perhaps turn one of my side hustles into a real business. I’m just not sure. But I know I’m in a great place. A bit scared, a bit nervous, and a whole lot excited. As I always say you have to get uncomfortable to grow and do great things and I made a big uncomfortable decisions and plan on doing great things.

Quote of the Day: “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” –Fred Rogers

Domain of the Day: I go through the list before I see the prices and amounts of bids and see if I can predict what they top names are. I picked this as being the best “raw” domain. I was right. Most bids

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Own this and you get to date 28 year olds eternally At the bottom end of the reserve so it might get there Namejet has an exclusive on this one. Great name and a huge category of bikes Probably not going to reach reserve but a nice name Almost no reserve. Men’s grooming all the way Still think its worth more than $110 Gets 2000 visitors which is about 50 cents a visitor at this price High reserve but a heck of a name. From financials to weather. So many uses

Godaddy Domains With Bids SEO for SEO sounds like a tool or app. And kind of how my wife gets when she get crabby. Spelled a bit differently though What we all are doing. Some of it worse than others Another health name but finding some legs on the backlinks and history A 3rd health name but this one is taken in 53 extensions and probably the most marketable. S will cause a bit of a problem Sounds a little racist but some people will eat this up Top tier letters. H for holdings Electronic Distributor News or blog all the way. I would eat there too Great blog if your name is wang. Or a site about Vitalek Taken in 10 extensions so probably an upgrade for a few. Not a bad brand SEO name . Best has been a naming convention for centuries Its going to get sold at auction for a decent price but one of those names where people love what it represents but tough to build a brand around it Taken in 35 extensions. Why? Because it translates to “Come and take” and is the battle cry for gun advocates Love a good 5L at the right price Sounds like a blockchain application Another short pronounceable

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer

Godaddy Domains with No Bids

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good.

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13 Replies to “Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, November 11th, 2022”

  1. Congrats Shane! No doubt you’ll be successful in whatever you do next. Looking forward to hearing more about that journey, but take time to really enjoy the retirement too.

    1. Not sure quite yet. Still exploring. Would like to create something that provides value through improving their life via health, saving time, brings smiles, or makes them money. Will narrow what that is in time

  2. I’ve been following you within the domain industry for some time but also know, through your blog, how much hard work, early hours and long days you have sunk into the nursery business, that this has been a monumentally difficult decision. But I also know you have a skillset that will make you successful at ‘anything & everything’ you do so I wish you much success in your next chapter.
    And I hope you’ll be documenting what you do along the way and motivating those lucky enough to read your blog. Best wishes and Slainte from the Emerald Isle.

  3. Congrats Shane! I know you’re going to kill it in whatever you choose next. It’s been great hearing about your nursery stories over the years, and I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures.

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