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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, October 28th, 2022

It’s been interesting to watch my daughter Libby go from being the smartest person in the room for most of her life to average. Even having imposters syndrome. She was the typical kid. Reading a few grades higher than others. Getting good grades. Lots of sports. I always figured in High School things would even out. But she excelled and finished as one of the best students. Great ACT score and could have gone almost anywhere. She chose to go to a school that would give her a scholarship to run and wanted to run at a top running school. Syracuse was a top 20 track and cc team so that’s where she went. I figured things would even out academically when she got to college.

While her running was average she excelled at college academics. Finishing Syracuse as one of the best students at the school. She received a huge endowment to carry on her education at Princeton. Skipping graduate school and going straight to her PhD. I figured things would even out at Princeton. It did. She is a nervous wreck because many of the PhD students come from a masters at Harvard, Stanford, various high level institutions from around the world. She is getting her degree with many people in their 30s. They are literally the smartest people in the world. She is not there yet. She thinks she can get there but right now she feels dumb. Yet when I listen to her I don’t understand a word she is saying. So far above my head she could be speaking a foreign language. I think its an incredible opportunity and with a year or two under her belt could be at a level that she could be one of the top women environmental engineers in the world. Her former professor at Syracuse came all the way to Illinois to talk to me and meet me. He said the words that all Fathers want to hear. “Your daughter is special and she’s going to do great things”. Almost made me cry. She is special, and has done great things. It’s good to hear someone at that level agree and tell you your daughter is going to be ok.

Quote of the Day: “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.” – HIPPOCRATES

Domain of the Day: Can be so many things. Makes me think religion and writing. Top Raw name on Godaddy today

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Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Yep, there’s a dot cool Top Tier letters. N for Network comes to mind first We talked about this one on Domain Sherpa. None of us really liked it. But it would look good on you I’m sure By far the most bids on the Namejet board today. 94 bidders Super solid dot net. But I won’t lie, I have no idea what a goes for at wholesale. I keep forgetting to look at results. This is above average though No reserve. I would definitely buy my shoes online at this site Every day I learn about a new tld. Never knew surgery existed until I saw it at

Godaddy Domains With Bids Search name obviously. Another one where you have to add something to a great keyword to make it affordable. Go is one of the top added words Ditto here Taken in 16 extensions and 68 companies use some form of these words in their brand. Eyewear and site is a 10 trillion dollar industry (made up those numbers ) Made up word yet you still know its an investing site According to DNAcademy tools this has 135K exact match searches. Registered in 89 extensions. A bit more than my other tool but getting lots of bids so I’m sure its valuable to many Athletes do a lot of drugs Not how you spell Cannola but I’m still putting here Would be a great name for a well Coffee Marketplace Under $50 at press time Pay to get positive reviews As good as any name for an NFT trading site as you’re going to get at this price

A List of Names that are Going for High Prices because of their Backlinks and Juice Top price on the whole board. As a domain its nice and relaxing but not worth more than a hundred. But with the links look at the price As a raw domain this one is much better but still the backlinks is the price driver

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  1. 40% of Harvard students feel depressed at some point in their undergrad careers. They are used to being valedictorian or #2 in their HS class to being “just average” at H. That’s a huge blow to a person’s confidence. The worst player in the NBA is a benchwarmer and probably feels down about himself sometimes too because he is constantly surrounded by better, richer, more popular players. But, he is better than everyone else in the world not in the NBA. This is relative deprivation theory. We tend to judge ourselves only in relation to our immediate surroundings. I recommend you and your daughter watch the youtube video below just to prepare for this. It explains much better than I can. And Congrats to you and your daughter!

    1. I’ve explained this to her every time you step up in class. It’s what makes you better but doesn’t it make it any easier on the mind when you see things you struggle with easy peasy for someone else. She seems to take the genetic gift part the hardest. I got blamed for not being 6’4 athletic genetics during the running season. 🙂

  2. Huge backlinks 403.2 K
    But zero traffic, lol 🙂
    And auction price $3450

    Very interesting!

    You website asking me are you robot 🙂
    Yes I am lol 🙂 Domainers are a robot 🙂

  3. Huge backlinks 403.2 K
    But zero traffic, lol 🙂
    And auction price $3450

    Very interesting!

    Your website asking me are you robot 🙂
    Yes I am lol 🙂 Domainers are a robot 🙂

  4. I raised 3 daughters including including 1 who went to Yale. The most successful one career wise never went to college and co founded a clothing company which sold for 25 million dollars at 28 years old. Your daughter will be ok it’s once she learns it’s not productive comparing herself to others and be the best she can be. Good luck. I been there and done that.

    1. You should be super proud. You have raised 3 great young women. We don’t deem success by how much money she makes. She’ll always have enough. She chose Princeton because it was free and had the brightest minds in the field she wants to know more about. She chose public school High School over the private she got into. She chose Syracuse over Cornel and Princeton for undergraduate. She’s about where she can learn the most as a person. One thing I’ve learned is telling someone not to do something never works. She’s going to have to figure it out herself. She’s got 5 years to do it 😀

      1. All we want is best for our kids and grandkids for us now. Success should never be measured by money nor accomplishments but by giving back and helping others. Ron Jackson is a great example in this industry of that

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