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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, February 20th, 2023

People didn’t think it would become as popular here as in Asia but turns out QR codes are here to stay. There are being used more than ever and its a great way to guide people to your website. Do I think it hurts the value of domains. 100% it does. People have no idea what the domain is that they are going to. The key is once they are there is it memorable enough to get them to come back. I do think it’s easiest with dot come but as more tlds become common to our vernacular the less valuable they become. No, I am not a non com person. I still think that dot coms are the best investment you can make. But I am also not naive. I know that every year they face a headwind. The issue for all brands will be establishing yourself as THE brand of that keyword. Dot com makes that easier than any other TLD. And if you build a brand on an alt then you face the issue of someone coming on the dot com. The reality is with time there will probably be multiple brands on multiple tlds that share the keyword. The only thing with QR codes is it is a tech that I really never figured out how to invest in. I knew it would catch on but couldn’t make any money with the knowledge.

Domain of the Day: Tesla 100% is going to want this. Just depends on how they want to get it

Quote of the Day: “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”- Paulo Coelho

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Gets $3 a month in parking. Not a hack because it’s Picks but a solid keyword. 4 bids Closes today . Every major city has this section of town. Taken in 22 extensions but no bids here Had a $99 reserve and it FLEW past that. People know the affiliate or buildout can make that in a day Not getting a lot of bids yet. Always deals to be had on at Sedo auctions IMO. Although these are tough letters so not sure the word “Steal” is appropriate and Both sitting at 10K which is bottom of reserve This will 100% sell. Reserve is under $10K I think we get to reserve here. BB is the driver Another one that has a reserve below $1K. All good letters

Godaddy Domains With Bids Car Fax for homes People still are surprised by number and super short dot cc auction prices. The Chinese love them and put a high price on all their dot cc numerics These CCC are killing it lately. Definitely getting top dollar at auction This one actually looks like a steal comparatively Me “Hey do you sell bulbs?” Owner “What does the name say? Does it say Lamps and bulb?” I would trade Ape Coin here Do we still use the term “dope”? Sounds like a fashion line It really is is their an affiliate program for razor blades. Could also be diamond blades Construction spends a lot on those Can change the word Sweet with many others but I like these types. 2 words and memorable Deez nuts Sounds official Makes it a little cooler and a lot cheaper Sounds classy

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer


The Rest of the Godaddy Domains with Bids

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