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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, February 27th, 2023

So now that I have some time and doctors finally get you in I have done all the things I needed to get done after 50. Scheduled my dermatologist appt. After 30 years in sun all day I figured I needed to have a full body check. I was decent at sunscreen and wore a hat every day. Results were a litle thing on my leg that he thought was ok but took a cut of to check. Otherwise he was really surprised how good my skin was. Nice to hear. I’ve worries about melanomia for years. I don’t have anything weird looking but my friend who is my running partner and ortho doctor was looking at my knee and said “get that checked” That was a spot on my thigh that never sees the sone but was a weird black color. That was the spot the derm took off but he said he wasn’t concerned with it. Its not what the bad stuff looked like but as I said above, he took a sample.

I also had the old butt scope. A necessary thing for all men over 50. Colon cancer becomes a real thing as you get older and as funny or weird as it is to talk about its no joke. All men over 50 need to schedule one. Another one everyone is nervous about. You feel fine but everyone has that one friend that they found cancer. Again, I got an A on my test and one more thing checked off my list.

Last year I got invisilign because I was seeing some shifting in my lower teeth. Old people with big fake teeth look weird. And even worse is horrible crooked teeth that used to be nice. As you get older your jaw shrinks which forces the teeth in. But if you wear a retainer they retain their shape. Thus the name. I retainered mine straight and I retainer them to stay by wearing a retainer at night. My teeth were pretty good going in but after 9 months they came out so nice. I get a lot of compliments.

I get a full blood panel in the next few weeks. Getting all my baselines so that I can see what changes in diet and exercise routine can do to my numbers. I want to take off a little weight and still build muscle. I know my testesterone and DHT numbers where super high a decade ago so it will also be interested to see how they’ve held up. I have no problem building muscle so I’m guessing they are fine. I don’t take anything unnatural either. Totally natty. I take creotine, protein powder on my food, tongat ali, and drink Athletic Greens every morning. That’s the extent of what I put in my body other than food. So far it works well but my tests will tell me what else I need. Like a soil test for my body garden.

I say all this because it really doesn’t matter how many domains you sold if you don’t have your mental and physical health. You need to put just as much effort into those as you do your business. Never take them granted. Otherwise the only thing you’ll be working for is a good inheritance for your family

Domain of the Day: 6 days out and look at this price already. Dot cc numerics are gold

Quote of the Day: “A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.” ~Paulo Coehlo

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction No reserve. Wonder what superpowers a T Cap will give me Exudes secure. Also no reserve Not as good as homes but will still be very useful for a realtor in Las Vegas “Got to slow your roll” I actually like it as a brand. Or you could sell the 1000s of belts that people need for their equipment What do you specialize in? Everything Gets 17,000 visits. Great Tim hack

CryptoFans.Club Definite a big club Probably the best name to come to in a while I like the dot co that rhymes. Have sold a few of them

Godaddy Domains With Bids Under $10K at press time. Won’t stay there since it has no 4s or zeros and pattern of 6s. My guess is $18K Worst daycare name EVER Just a few names but this is going to be my DJ name A lot of products have this name. 609 million results on Google Was a hot product the last 5 years. Might have peaked although I could be wrong Getting bids but may be a bit too generic. Companies are going with names like Toast . Brands A an actual land formation but makes a nice little brand as well Taken in 17 extensions and Godaddy values it at $5K Sounds like a marketing agency Books and the Movie is going to come to mind for pretty much everyone Memorable but I have no idea what someone would do with it Anything cooking and kitchen related works with this one I’d eat Barbecue from here Another super generic but its getting nice bids Like this one as a price aggregation website Taken in 16 extensions. Dot org would be nice too I would stay at Fresh. Especially if they are dog friendly I say this all the time. Two last names combined make great brands

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer

The Rest of the Godaddy Domains with Bids

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