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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, January 9th, 2023

Ten years ago I bought my wife a Roomba for Christmas. When she opened it she cried. Not tears of happiness but tears of a ruined Christmas. She couldn’t believe I thought a vacuum would make a good Christmas gift. Fast forward to this Christmas. I bought her a Roomba. “Are you out of your mind? What about tears and ruined Christmas makes you think it would be a good idea to repeat?” Well. I saw her looking at them on her phone. Then another time on her iPad. And then one more time she said “these have gotten a lot smarter” So I rolled the dice

When she opened it she said nothing. Oh no. Then she said “I knew you got me this. It was sitting on the porch with giant letters that said Roomba” “I can’t wait to try it” Hmm. I think she liked it

Fast forward to two days later. I catch her talking to someone in the laundry room. “Ok number 9, I want you to do a great job or I’m going to have to fire you” She named it number 9 and talks to him all the time. Even tells me “Hey #9 is working tonight so if you hear a little bumping that’s just him trying to do a good job”

And it does. Its actually amazing. The house has never been so clean and it gets in between chairs and legs, carpet, hardwood. He gets in every nook and cranny. You also can look on your phone and see a perfect map of your home that its made. Every carpet and obstacle. It even goes back home to recharge and emptys its bag every time it goes to base. When you look it that bag its crazy how much stuff is in it. Especially if you have a pet. You think you get all the hair but its does a great job. Our floors are clean every morning when we wake up and nobody has to do anything.

She loves it more and more each day. As I writing this she yelled down the stairs “Did #9 get the kitchen yet?” I said no. She said “He’s working extra hard to get the needles of the tree you put out, he’s likes to do a good job ”

Now if I could just get him to put away the dishes, walk the dog, and take out the trash I’ll have no more responsibilities.

Domain of the Day: WAY undervalued at this price (under $200 at press time) This is a 5 figure name IMO

Quote of the Day: “The older I get, the more clearly I remember things that never happened.” – Mark Twain

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction I hope this sells for Namejet’s sake. Love to see them make the commission No reserve at $69 on this one. The O is in a perfect spot to be “of” Solid software name. No reserve on this one either Wow. Look how high this one has already gotten

Eyelash and Also have big bids. We’ll see if they are just teaser bids Its a pending delete but need to put it in at Namejet just in case they get it Not sure how to pronounce it but like the visual look of the name Reserve is under $100 so it should get purchased Very cool brand for $79. Exudes tech and strong IMO Popular keyword registered in 447 extensions Top number of bids on the board today

Interested in selling a Sedo is taking names for auction right now

Godaddy Domains With Bids Me too. Million dollar name Its like 2018 all over again. These good pattern 5Ns are crushing have been in the 10K range for a decade Top shelf letters here. Only taken in 13 extensions so maybe not top shelf. But nice Nice name on its own but the big price is coming from the backlinks of the old site I feel like they sell something bendy The only issue here is I feel my wealth managers should be able to afford all the letters in management Sounds like a very environmentally friendly company Its the Boston side of Denver I love these types of domains. Such great brands. Memorable and cheap. If I don’t have a lot of money for a brand this is they type I use I easily can see this on a billboard for a realtor Another beautiful brand and its super cheap at press time I would drink one of these Sounds like an HGTV show Not going to be a gardening name but a cannabis site And this is how you spell it too PR or buy a digital drink Buy this and then you can get when the Winklevoss’ declare bankruptcy IMO a good buy under $500 A lot of good uses. I’m thinking some kind of site feed or api tool Not a bad 5L Taken in 20 extensions Godaddy has this valued at $4000. Bidders. 5% of that Lovely cannabis brand My wife and daughters have these done all the time. And its a stand alone place. No nails. Just brows

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer

The Rest of the Godaddy Domains with Bids

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Domain Spotlight:

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