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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, May 9th, 2022

I didn’t write on Mother’s Day so I’ll have to do this today. A little story about Mom.

I grew up privileged.  Not because I had money and opportunity – I was privileged because I had two parents that deeply cared about me and showed me often. They were there when I road my bike for the first time. They taught me how to throw a baseball (my brother seemed to miss this lesson). They led by example and made choices that I got to interpret as good or bad and then make my personal choices based on them. That is real privilege and something that any parent can give their kids. It’s more precious than any money.  Money can always be earned later, but establishing a base of love that leaves a child knowing what it feels like yields healthy relationships and plenty of good decision making for a lifetime. 

My Mom is an angel. Angels aren’t perfect. Angels watch out for others while sacrificing themselves. They do things that may hurt them to help those they are watching out for.  I thought it was normal to have your Mom playing the guitar and singing “On Top of the Mountain” by The Carpenters. That it was normal to have a garden full of flowers, and normal to pour the milk 30 minutes before dinner was ready leaving it room temperature by the time you drank it.  Not every day was easy.  Our family had its normal fights and events but the key was that it was always a family. The family broke up once all the kid were out of school but my parents did what they had to do to make it work until that point. 
 My Mom faced what so many mothers face when the kids are gone. “Now what?” Her job was done. My Mom decided to teach special needs and learning disabilities. I figure after 20 years of me and my brother, she had plenty of experience in challenges. She earned her wings for decades teaching kids that were tough to teach. She taught them life skills and things that allow them to make it through life, showing them the same love that she showed her real family and knowing that many of these children were not privileged to have a good home life. They had been thrown to the wolves in their education and my Mom was determined to give them a chance. 

There wasn’t a day for 20 years that mom didn’t talk about her students. Her job. She loved what she did.  She used her spare time to take on even more kids outside of school. When she retired, she continued to take jobs as a substitute because one, she could always use some extra money, and two, because she truly enjoyed the challenge and the results of working with special kids. I once sent her $5,000 for Christmas as an extra ‘thank you’ for everything she had done for me. I know she likes to travel and figured that was an amount that could get her a great trip. Her reply? That the gift would allow her to get certified to help represent kids and their parents in court in order to place them in the correct schools and grants to help them succeed. There are court appointed “helpers” (I’m not sure exactly what their roles are) but they have to go through courses and training. So at 73 my Mom is still spending her time and money to help kids. Just like she helped me. 

So I AM privileged and I have no problem with someone calling me that. I had an advantage… a head start, over many people. My parents gave me that and I have given that to my child. All anyone needs in this world is to be surrounded by love. Not perfect love, but love. And moms are great at giving that. Happy Mother’s Day this weekend to my mom and yours. 

Domain Of the Day: Love this one. I will pay a few thousands so its going to have to go for at least that

Quote of the Day: “You don’t need another human being to make your life complete, but let’s be honest. Having your wounds kissed by someone who doesn’t see them as disasters in your soul but cracks to put their love into is the most calming thing in this world.”- Emery Allen

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