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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, November 14th, 2022

I went to Princeton NJ over the weekend to visit my daughter. I live on a college campus and we’re one of the top engineering and accounting programs in the world. But Princeton is just different. I went to a social event and met a bunch of the PhD and post doc students and I left the party feeling like everything is going to be ok. Literally some of the most brilliant minds in the world and they all have enthusiasm for making something better. It was a huge range of what they are working on but none were there to just learn. They were there to do. It helps they are being taught by the most brilliant minds in the world. It helps they are young and see things with a fresh eye. They have the past to draw on but the future to build. I sat in a bench that Einstein loved to sit in to think. While I didn’t really come up with anything special I could feel the history of the great minds that have come through and I know they can too.

Of course, you can feel the money. Princeton takes care of their students. The social event I went to. Princeton pays for all the alcohol and food (they are all over 21, its PhD). They had a big gala the night I was there. All paid for by the school. Their endowment is one of the top 5 in the world because once the students succeed they give right back to the school andy the cycle continues. If you think that it’s only rich white people you haven’t been to Princeton. It’s like a UN meeting. There had to be 20 languages being spoken at the social event. Libby’s department has a large group of Italians. Evidently Italy produces some good mathematicians and engineers. Of course a lot of Chinese. Also several Africans as well. I was also happy to see women were well represented.

There is a common assumption that Princeton graduates seem cocky. They are. They have busted their ass at the highest level (pHd students). They expect a lot of their students and the masters and PhD are 60 hr weeks most weeks. You get 3 weeks off. It doesn’t matter if school is officially open or closed. You work. Most higher level students do not pay for school. They are paid through endowments and other funds that seek out the best and get them to come. The school asks them to apply for grants and other forms of fundraising but they will cover costs if it doesn’t materialize. They want the best to come to their school so the next generation of best will follow.

For me it was invigorating. Knowing these are the kind of people I want on my team if I am going to build something. You build a team of been there, done that with “its right because its just math” type people I think special things happen. They liked talking to me because I could talk shop with them. I’m not an expert on anything but I understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. I just can’t do the math or understand why they approach it from the angles they are. But I do know about ground water remediation and Black Scholes model of financial derivatives. I talked crypto, domains, and of course NFTs. My daughter started off being embarrased but by the end of the event I was invited to all their parties over the weekend. Of course I didn’t go but Libby felt a lot better after her friends told her later than they loved her Dad and he definitely wasn’t like the normal Father that has visited. That I am not. Not better, just different. Still a Dad there to support his daughter. To remind her she is still special in a room of special. That I love her no matter what but her no matter what is still better than most people’s dreams. And a dream is what she is living, I am living. Building a future at the best institution with the best minds in the world. It will be exciting to see what she and all these wonderful young adults do.

Quote of the Day: “Princeton is a wonderful little spot. A quaint and ceremonious village of puny demigods on stilts”

Domain of the Day: Love this for a garden seed or cannabis seed site

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Coming up in a few days. Great name for rest stops or similar. There is a Travel Centers of America that dominate Google but its different. Feel like I’ve seen this name before but we could have talked about it on DomainSherpa Reserve is now under $1000 so this may sell this time Nice generic that is coming with no reserve. 49 bidders so its also coming with competition Was in my wheelhouse. Not sure it is anymore. JK I will always be a garden guru 😀 with a reserve under $500. That is always worth looking at. Many 5Ls are great value IMO if they are under $500 Pretty sure the Endangered and Lesser-known Languages organization is going to pay big bucks for this one Hopefully you got your bid in for this one. There are four major categories. Road, Mountain, Gravel, and Electric I would take my family to lunch here Get 2000 free monthly visits with the purchase of the name I think dot org works great with dot org. Its more about data than selling product although you’ll sell the data Don’t know the value of numeric dot de but it gets some traffic and has a bid I guess the hack works if you trade dinar or the Kuwait stock market

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids for a raw name. Most people come in with exactly that The price looks like what I would expect for just the name alone. Looks to have a few backlinks. Repeating 3 gives it more value Taken in 33 extensions. Made for a queen Great letters and ends in C which gives it top value but guessing this price is because its a stock symbol Taken in 34 extensions. AI around the clock Sounds like a magazine at Barnes and Noble. Now a site or a restaurant Deserves a 4 figure price IMO You’re going to see the big price and wonder why. Kubet is a big gambling site Sounds like a T-Shirt printing company I feel like this would be a local car show Crazy how far they’ve fallen . This would have been easy 2-3K in the old days. Now under $50 at press time My two world combine again

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer

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