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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, December 19th, 2021

I mentioned it on Twitter but not sure if I’ve mentioned it here. My Bronco arrives on December 29th to my dealer. It took a year but it was worth the wait (I hope). My options have done pretty well with Ford and between that and the sale of one of my Apes it was a free gift to myself. Courtesy of Ford and BAYC. I have decided to go with BAYC as the license plate. I almost put Honey on it but that hasn’t earned a license plate yet. Once it does it will get its own car and plates.

On a side note, my running partner saw a trailer of Rivian Trucks in town this week. The Rivian plant is about 40 miles away. He said that the truck looked really really small and that buyers might be a little surprised how small. I can guarantee pretty much every buyer hasn’t even seen one in person. But I guess I had never seen a two door Bronco either . But I think it will bode well for Ford whose Lightening is full size. Of course I’m biased but at least I put my money where my bias is.

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Quote of the Day: “Never pass up a chance to have sex or appear on television.” — Gore Vidal

Click on any of the links to see current price Names at Auction Here’s kitty kitty , here kitty kitty it’s a good name because of the buzzword and because everyone in tech acts like that’s what they are going to do A hot word in Nfts. Keep hidden 2016 which is old for a dot vc

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction No reserve. Taken in 54 extensions Taken in 80 extensions. No reserve here either 26 years old. Top Tier letters I think I’d rather use this than But would sell for more Another one with no reserve Added another bid since the last listing. Reminds me of vinyl Has a chance of meeting reserve

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Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the board. Hoping someone makes it into an exercise and diet site Save money, save the bees Medicare is super complicated so there are hundreds of companies that make money helping people navigate it The price is for the 417K backlinks Has some backlinks but good name on its own and taken in 34 extensions Agricultural products Taken in 52 Extensions. That’s enough to get it to four figures when its a dot com and The 88 and the 222 would have gotten that to four figures quick 3 years ago Sounds like a beauty product Godaddy thinks its worth $4K I kind of see Diesel Sounds like a rental app

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