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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

You can tell a lot about a person, a company, when things aren’t going well. When everything is going well you should always take it in. As a person you should acknowledge why it’s going well and thank and be grateful for everything and everyone that has helped make it so good. As a business you need to set cash aside for a rainy day, to pay off debt, or to purchase assets that make you stronger, more competitive, and profitable. If you don’t do these things then the rainy days will be more rainy. There is a reason why the mantra is “sell into strength”. You may not see the top but you won’t have to see the bottom.

Many businesses are hurting with the recession and decline of the stock market and crypto. All things considered its really not been that bad. While there was a lot of hard times during COVID, statistically there was more disposable income during that time than any point in history. Homes and high end products reached levels we have never seen. There was only one place to go and anyone that didn’t see it wasn’t paying attention.

I think these next few years will be as good of an opportunity as any point in time if you play it right. I think vacations continue to be where people spend their money. Probably less on their homes and gardens. I think there is going to be a ton of inventory in the home repair and garden segment. People are going to be conflicted because sales are down so they are going to want more profit dollars but they are going to need to lower prices to get the sales. Will be interesting to see which way people head. I say its an opportunity because those that have the best cost are going to win. Those that have local production are going to win. Competitors will fall in the next few years and businesses that have high barriers to entry should do just fine. Even thrive because it won’t be a cost cut competition.

I think the next few years will be interesting. Some things have to give and we’ll see which ones do. I think domain sales will be much slower but I am fully confident that quality dot com continues to move. I think the economy will be fine. It’s just going to move money around. Plenty will be spent but it will be spent in other areas. The key is figuring out what areas they are going to be spent. My picks would be banks, travel, and solar. I do think falling gas prices will be a huge tailwind for the economy. Not financial advice. I am a lowly plant farmer

Domain of the Day: Such a great value for a call to action for under $200 (at press time)

Quote of the Day: “Life is like a piano, White keys are the good days, And black keys are the bad ones. But overtime you have to realize that you need both to make music.“ – ― Ehssan

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Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Fi works well in web3 IMO Closes today Might be my favorite catched of 1992 birthday so one of the older names that’s come up for auction in a while Not sure what they’ll do but sounds like a big company right out of the box Video game all the way Perfect name for the dot org. Does Harvard have an affiliate program No reserve. 21 bidders on this A name and a few companies share it H for holdings. NO reserve at $69 Met reserve at $99 Kansas City A nice thing to have Expiring name. Has a bid at $69

Godaddy Domains With Bids Second most bids on the board today. Art names continue to do well. Godaddy has this valued at $6K A decent but the bids are all coming for the backlinks. Tough to compete in that market unless you are an expert on what to do with them To me a little play on Blue Hawaii but Florida has plenty of water and beach as well. Makes a good Florida brand People are going to think this is the Spanish word for family but that’s Familia. This is the name of a popular grocery store No animal fat. But I was so hungry while writing this I saw Soup and was trying to decide Chicken Noodle or Broccoli and Cheese Chinese name so it will go for over $700 like they always do. Registered in 12 extensions I asked for names that people would sell for $100K on Twitter and this is exactly the kind of name that was sent to me over and over. Not bad name, dictionary name, but not exactly brand potential Prime real estate …. in the city Remember dealers are wholesalers, not just people that sell drugs. Taken in 21 extensions People will mess up the number of M and S but still a solid name for lead gen or affiliate tool Tools FOR doctors or tools FROM doctors 1997 domain. Clothing or a new soccer star I was trying to buy the dot com at one point. Looks like I may have to settle . Taken in 90 extensions Would have been a good Trump name. Drain the swamp. Now I’m not sure what it would be used for but memorable Can you get back my Twitter account? Ponds are way better in the Metaverse So fresh and so clean clean That pretty much covers alternative energy Somebody is trying to steal? Exuding organic. Sounds like a coffee company to me

One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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