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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

Not that anyone ever asks, but one of the things as a business owner I realize is the biggest way to hurt your business is to pay people when they aren’t working. It is extremely difficult to give retirement pay. I completely agree with matching retirement and IRA payroll deductions. Or putting bonuses into their plan. Giving money to be set aside to help save for the years ahead. I also think a pay rate should be such that people can set aside 10-20% and still live. I just don’t know how anyone can afford to give a full pension for what could be 40 years. Often longer than they actually worked. At this point, the only people that offer that are public jobs and we all know that the government has zero fiscal management.

Giving pensions has handcuffed many older American companies to the point they can’t compete with new companies. One of the reason TESLA is eating everyone’s lunch is they don’t have billions of overhead going to pay people that haven’t worked for the company for 20 years. They can pay people that are working there NOW more than the other companies can offer as a result. I have no doubt Ford would be twice the company they are now without all that liability. But those were different times. They had little competition, everyone got pensions, and every company was printing money so there was no reason to think they wouldn’t clear enough to pay everyone. Until they couldn’t. Until overseas companies started dropping products in the US at 20% of the cost of what US companies could. The US simply couldn’t compete and every day got worse as more people retire and everyone is now living to 90. Ten years longer than the average when the pension plan started.

The point of all this brings us back to the present economy. The baby boomer generation is flush. They have homes that are paid off. They have retirement benefits. The stock market has been great during their lifetime. They have more money saved than at any point in time. You want to cater to that demographic. That is where the money is. The companies that are paying them are worth watching as well. That generation is also dying and each loss is one person off the payroll. As morbid as that is there are companies out there that ended pensions and in 15 years will have hundreds of millions more in cash flow as a result. Also, look for newer companies that are competing against old school companies. You want to be there, even if multiples are higher because they are more nimble and their debt is against current assets.

Just things on top of my mind. Its definitely not financial advice and may not even be good info. Just random thoughts that I share here every day .

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Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Ends today. Has 10 bidders. Good meditation or self improvement name No bidders at $79. Not bad for a pronounceable One more. This one is cooler looking 9 companies on other extensions but I think LLMotors names are good buys because so many auto dealers shares those names Shipping to there or from there Lots of energy coops now. Its the long version but it still gets it done I almost rather have this than the dot com I really don’t know what eco trading is but eco and dot org are best friends  HUGE parking rev. That’s driving this big price . Closes today Gets a little parking revenue. Pose works with dot me….I guess Didn’t know trading exist but I would 100% use a site with this name

Godaddy Domains With Bids Most bids on the GD board today. An area in China. Wan also means to play so this means “play cards” or similar Good to know that DSAD as a domain is worth over a thousand dollars I love them. Not sure if this could be a brand or only used to sell them Godaddy says its worth $6K but bidders say 10% of that I think people are feeling like this exudes a smart home feel. Maybe Until I started working with Travis to build websites I didn’t realize all the tools they use to test it before launch Can’t believe this isn’t a big brand already Bit alone is going to bring in a lot of bids NFTs have proven people will spend a ton of cash on a flex This is a middle to higher value We’re going to learn something about wholesale value here Perfect name for proving identity of some kind. Its hot in crypto right now Sell University of Alabama stuff Going to have the “bright” problem I don’t know what its good for but I like the word Hand. Exudes help I better be able to just click a button Super important to me. I’m all about gut health Sounds safe and secure Not the normal spelling but at 17 extensions taken there are enough to get it sold IMO Brand in a box. Or buy it and link it to your honey site. Oh wait everyone loves to be called elite Exudes fun If you’re selling in Charlotte you should want this

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