SHANE’S SEMI-BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 6th

Oct 06 2012

It’s a short list today but there weren’t very many names I would put my hard earned money into.  If this was the Shark Tank I would have passed all night.  Hope everyone has a nice restful weekend.  I have to work both days but hoping strong sales will make it all worthwhile.  Funny how money can ease the pain of working too much.   Here are the names and not the highest quality one I’ve seen but I think it’s worth more than $400. Then again, I like CVCV that start with X.  I sell a lot of this. I guess I better bid.  15 years old  Not huge value but buying great words with the word “the” in front is a way to get a good keyword cheap. 14 years old.  2 Bidders  Same idea here but gambling pays a lot more money.  3 Bidders Sounds too 1990s for me but it’s the top bid getter so I feel obligated to list it here. Good letters, 7 years old, and a little over $100. I’d put another hundo in it and feel comfortable  Decent CVCV.  I’ll be surprised if it breaks $1K.  I’d take Xoru over this one   LOVE this one. I’m in.  Cupcakes are the rage and they’re delicious.


Dedicated Servers at Deal of the Week! $4.95 .COM domains.  Offer ends 9/25/2012!

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