Sometimes Things Just Aren’t About Domains

Apr 15 2013

I realize we all have a personal attachment to domains. It’s what we love, it’s how we make money. But sometimes there are things that happen that have NOTHING to do with domains. And yet to capture the headlines, we as an industry have to try and find something that makes it about us. Today was a perfect example with the bombings at Boston.

I had two initial thoughts after the bombing. One, what a horrible event. The fact that someone would want to injure and kill innocent people rooting for and supporting runners is beyond belief. Just when I regain my faith in mankind somebody goes and does something like this and I’m back shaking my head. My second thought is how are the domain writers going to try and tie this into domains. Maybe it’s me and my personal feelings about running and the marathon, but this is one moment I could give a shit about domains. At no point did domains cross my mind when I saw the video or read the report.

Maybe I don’t “love” domaining as much as others. But I could care less how many idiots registered domains related to the events. I certainly don’t want to give them publicity if they did. Unless they registered the domain to help relay information I hope the people that are trying to profit go to hell. I don’t fault or mean to call the people that do these types of articles bad people. It’s their jobs. I just feel of all the great information and stories out there, the stories that take the big headlines and connect them to domains give me the feel of “reaching”. Wanting to talk about the news but not feeling comfortable about bringing it up because it wouldn’t relate to domains. So we reach out and MAKE it about domains even though it just isn’t. And today wasn’t, IMO.

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  1. Acro

    Imagine, going there to run a race, for a cause no less, and some coward with a remote takes your legs out in a split second.

    Haven’t felt so much emptiness in my stomach since 9/11. I hope they catch whoever did this and deliver justice. And justice will be delivered by running the next marathon without fear of a similar incident happening.

  2. Newbie Mistake

    Bought these as it was happening.


    Read your blog post and others stating that it was cybersquatting…

    Changed Whois then deleted them all.

    I meant no disrespect by registering. I just enjoy the “race to register” when any significant event happens. I was on the computer at the time and they were available.

    I planned to use them as redirects. Not ad farms or fake charity’s.

    Anyways, learned my lesson.


  3. Joe

    People like Ron Jackson and Michael Berkens are domain journalists, so it is their job to report how things are going domain-wise.

    My prayers go out to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

  4. anonymous

    The Domain King – Rick Schwartz registers domain name – – – Was parked at Skenzo now not resolving and Domain Privacy has just been added to the domain name.

    Check back on by Mike Berkens post earlier where it was verified by BullS Comment.

    What are the thoughts on the Domain King?

  5. johnny

    Virtual Dates Inc
    Box 810276
    Leasing and Joint Ventures Div
    Boca Raton, FL 33481


    Administrative Contact:
    Schwartz, Rick [email protected]
    Box 810276
    Leasing and Joint Ventures Div
    Boca Raton, FL 33481

    Technical Contact:
    Schwartz, Rick [email protected]
    Box 810276
    Leasing and Joint Ventures Div
    Boca Raton, FL 33481

    Record expires on 04-15-2014
    Record created on 04-15-2013

    Domain servers in listed order:

  6. Richard Head

    There is no reason to register these domains. They won’t make you a buck . You aren’t saving the world . You aren’t helping anyone out. You are just a big fucking douchebag and a cancerous buttfungus of a person. Registrar should implement a block on all of these names out of principle. Shut off their DNS at minimum.

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