The Speculation is Over: Sells for $136,400 on Namejet

Mar 12 2015

And it was a fight between the biggest buyer on Namejet ,   FIRST, and a buyer that came just for the name, VVVcom.

There were polls.  There were threads.  How much will sell for.  Andrew Rosener told everyone that he had already received offers near the $100K mark and he wasn’t exaggerating.  When the final non existent bell rung at the auction at Namejet today, the final price was $136,400 .    Was it worth it?  Who cares.  As long as the new buyer thinks it was then it was.  There were plenty of other bidders willing to pay close to that price. As a matter of fact there were 5 people willing to pay over $100K.

First has become a legend over the last 12 months.  If there was a numeric or an at Namejet he won the auction.  His pockets are as deep as any domain buyer in the world. And he proved it again today.  FIRST has single handily changed the values of short and numeric domains.  I can only imagine their/his portfolio after all these purchases, many of which were purchased before the market started to take off.  Heck, he may be one of the main reasons it did.  Congrats to the buyer and of course to MediaOptions.


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  1. Travis

    first has to have one of the largest numeric portfolios, even before that auction concluded he was still buying up everything with a number, just doesn’t ever back down, always first

  2. Media Options

    Thanks Shane for the support, it was a wild ride but we are pleased with the ending. Honestly, I truly think the winner got a bargain and if the auction had been ending during standard Chinese business hours I think it would have exceeded $150k and perhaps gone as high as $200k.

    Of course there are always doubters, haters and nay sayers, but I always try to give an objective view on the market and I think that my sentiments about have proven this to be true.

    Over the coming months you are going to see Media Options fall into a new roll of “domain curation” for the aftermarket, both through our own investments as well as brokerage / representation. We’ll be hand picking the best domain names in the aftermarket and bringing them forward through several channels to the widest investor audience.

    Stay tuned for our next auctions and sales!

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