Sunday’s Big List: Down and Dirty

Feb 26 2012

Stepping out the door to go to work but I went through the list real quick and here are a few that looked good.  Not the strongest list I’ve ever done but hey, it’s Sunday  It’s easier to say “kidney stuff”.  You better be a doctor to be able to afford it.  You know I’m partial to China. Something about a few billion new customers that excites me.  14 year old domain The role of the Mother is changing but still a big market  Not a huge amount of people getting this degree but there is a market, albeit small.  No bidders on this 13 year old domain  You could do a website on both of them.  Just kidding, I have no idea how many wineries are in Virginia. If you are going to do a poll site this is good name at a good price.  $69 and 12 years old. Evidently the original owner never got around to it.  Michigan can blaze with the best of them.  Amazing how many people have glaucoma in Michigan.  Not a valuable name but a great brand. 13 years old and cheap.  Nancys around the world will be clamoring for this one in four hours

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