Sunday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-27-12

May 27 2012

For a Sunday there are some pretty darn good names today.  Deep list over at NameJet which again, is unusual for a Sunday. I’m off for a nice little 50 mile bike ride before a long day at work in 98 degree heat. Enjoy the day With online gambling about to be legal again in the US this name is going to be HUGE  Almost 200 bidders pretty much tells the story

HSVP.com15 year old domain that is going cheap at this point I guess you could build a directory of home builders. As a person that had their home built,I can attest that it would have been nice to have some opinions and feedback on local builders I just bought a macro lens to shoot closeups of flowers. Dirt cheap at this price. I’ll buy it if it stays under $100  Apple is coming out with its first country   Nice name that was dropped.  Could see this one hit $2K  Like the girl, not the dog  I would put up a site that just had a hand flipping the bird.  Then you could virtually give people the finger  Just what I need, another thing to keep up with The e thing is a bit passe but still 17 bidders  I bet it goes for over $888


If you think you can hand register something better then Here you go, just put in the code FLOWERS and it’s only $1.49 a year at Godaddy

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  1. em

    The “e” thing will never be passe. I’ve been on the net for 17 years and it still means the same thing it did back then. “Electronic” is synonymous with the internet. When I hear “eCommerce” it is not me going to my bank but to eBay to buy something. Plus there are too many companies that took “e” as part of their brand like “eBay”. As long as domains and the internet are around, the “e” is going nowhere. I think the .net is more passe than anything. I would take over

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