Sunday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-3-12

Jun 03 2012

Sorry about the VERY late post. I overdid it a little and fell asleep at 8 o’clock and didn’t get up until 4:45. Then it was a 50 mile bike and straight to work (yes I took a shower). Now work is over and I can slip in a Namejet list. I must have been pretty tired to fall asleep that early. Best night sleep I’ve had though. I’ll try and get one tonight without passing out. Here’s today’s list   If you sell air pumps I would think you would want this one.  I don’t and I still want it  Sounds like a new wine out of Australia  Very popular last names.  Lots of bidders so must be a lot of Muys that like domains  Another popular name.  I always thought it had two “S”s I found that most people get confused with niches and nitches.  It’s the opposite of what I have.  I have garden money    That’s today Sunday.  Also the name of an alternative band from Westville Kentucky.  Just kidding, I made that up but it sounded believable.   Strongest on the board IMO  Hard to believe this has just 1 bid(2 with mine) . There is a real grape with a commission and everything.   My great aunt used to have fake ones on the end table that I tried to eat for the first 5 years of my life  No bidders on this 10 year old domain.  I find myself typing in best for a lot of products.  I would probably type in bike but I still like this at this price  Not the greatest but a name people will remember

*  My name.  As an Illinois guy I had plans.  Now I have plans to sell

*   I bought it for the 4500 searches and the $10 CPC. Selling it for the money.  Mine  Again not a ton of value but 22,000 searches and  lots of ads for these keywords.  Great site name.  Could be a site about anything

If you think you can hand register something better then goHere for a $4.99 domain at Godaddy Code is gofx2005

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