Sunday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-22-12

Jul 22 2012

Another lazy Sunday and of course off my routine so this is out later than usual.  Got some good news today. Sergio of is back home and feeling much better.  He was in a bad motorcycle accident and hadn’t been doing very well.  Sometimes we need to remember that there are real people behind all these blogs and sites and many are very small businesses or even one man shows.  Life can easily get in the way and even worse, our health.  Glad to hear one of our brethren is back to being healthy.  Here are today’s names. Nice email for only $15. I’ve met a few of these  I prefer mutts but I like my domains pure breed.  16 years old  These always do very well but with the double 9 and the a, this could cross $1000  Back on the board again.   Love it, even as a dot org.   I probably look to the web to fix things more than any other reason……OK maybe for funny pictures as well  People wish they had the recipe.  Now you can actually have eBooks are certainly the futures and this 10 year old domain is as good of a brand as many of the more expensive domains.  Its a brandable but looks and sounds great Would make a great domain for an advertising campaign. We all know they spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for these campaigns. Get your piece A guide to launching apps or a list of new ones, either way it has value 14 year old  Huge keyword and only 3 bidders.  This says a lot to me

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