Monday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-23-12

Jul 23 2012

Good morning.  Not sure if any of you watched the Tour de France but I have to say that Team Sky was an amazing thing to watch.  The perfect combination of pure athleticism and teamwork.  Each one sacrificed to help out their team mates at different points in the race.  Wiggins was set up to be the overall winner yet the team worked together in such a way that many of the team members got other individual stage wins.  Most people don’t realize how much strategy and role-play it takes to win a Tour. They win it again next year.  Now on to the Olympics.  Here is today’s list This sounds like a movie my wife wants me to watch with her on a Friday night  O for Organization will hold this price high  This one as well  The A for ass will do well.  I mean association  Just typing this gets me pissed about how high ink prices are.  I guess I could join the dark side and start this store HUGE paying keyword  I’m going with Van Dyke    A type of Korean music  I can attest that there are lots of guys looking for these. Although most can’t spell commercial  I’m not sure its really a date if it gets kinky.  More of a session  The best way to make passive profits is selling ebooks on how to make passive profits  Same here  CVCVs continue to be hot and this one is a pretty good price  Great name for information that is actually verified  This Russian tennis player retired and left a PR 5 domain and lots of links  “the Dog” in Spanish and a word that some Americans actually know  Great business model.  Expensive purses and let girls (or guys) rent them.  They could change them as often as they want.  A Netflix for handbags  Vegas flight domains always seem to do well  Two word domain that would make a great brand Kind of the same thing here  I already have this one….famous last words huh? As long as she doesn’t read that Shades of Grey book thing

For those of you that want to hand register a name instead I found a $2.95 Godaddy Code HERE

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  1. Ms Domainer


    I must think like a guy because I find wedding stories incredible boring.

    I think expensive weddings are a total waste of money. I don’t like attending them (sometimes the food is good, though).

    Both my weddings were small–one a fail (but we’re still friends), my current marriage 28 years strong.

    I could never figure out why blowing a wad of dough on one day is a good thing. I’d rather spend the money on a house or other stable investment.


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