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Sunday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-5-12

I received lots of emails and comments on my post yesterday where I answered a few questions on how I make money.   Feel free to send some more and I’ll see if I can answer them.  I will be doing a part two in the next few days to answer the rest. One of the ways I pay for this blog is by you guys using the Godaddy links like this 30% off Coupon. It’s the little things that all add up. You save money, I make money. Everyone wins. And I get paid for all my time that I sit in front of this computer typing away. And ask my wife, my face is buried in this computer constantly. Of course, this week its from the beach. Here are today’s names and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Big Boy name. CloudHD is even better but I won’t be picky today. It’s Sunday The plural form of comprar or “to buy” I need to start thinking about buying spanish domains. I am reminded every time I come to LA  I’m all giddy over this one.  I wouldn’t put it up but with 196 bidders I don’t think I’ll be able to hide it  Give away online certificates for everything.  Looking forward to getting my masters degree in 24 hours 15 year old domain with NO Bidders.  Great swimsuit model site name. I’m thinking a whole site on Kate Upton Speaking of…10 year old domain that would make a great company name. Only 1 bidder Parents will feel safe with a site named this. And its all about the fake safety thing on the net  For some reason I’m not in to but I really do like this one   Nice name for duplicate content or photo check 14 years old and only 1 Bidder  A saying therefore will go for over $500 The dog is spelled jackal as well but the price seems to say that people don’t care   Sounds like a good place to get a good deal on some tinsel

Lots of expiring today like   All yours These 3 characters seem to be consistently hitting $300-$500 and very liquid Aka a wife or girlfriend. Too off color for a Sunday? IMO easily worth $12

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Domain Spotlight: