Saturday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-23-12

Jun 23 2012

Have to head out real quick this morning because I’m headed to Wisconsin.  Here’s today’s list and enjoy the weekend. I think I’d rather eat at a “good” restaurant but there is something to be said about being an experience. Easy to build out Definitely worth more than the $15 at press time.  Noise is good.  It’s what people are talking about.  Nice 13 year old name  I for International is what gives it extra value  Many people want to keep their data stored outside of the US.  Switch that S and K and you have a whole new meaning  Here are the three best, IMO, of the LLL.coms today  French or something.  Francois….a little help?  The real money has always been selling instructions to make money.  8 years old  Nice call to action name.  $275 reserve in case you’re interested  Domainers love these types of names  So many traditions to keep up with for baptisms and this domain would be an easy buildout  I might be a bit bias here but we are slowly having a movement of people getting outside again.   Exercise, hiking, exploring.  This would make a great adventure blog


Or you could hand register a name using this Godaddy Coupon Code. Just go Here

and the code is


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