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Ten Responses to Email Inquiries That Have Helped Me Achieve Higher Responses and Sales Prices

I’ve recently moved beyond my own names and have started brokering outside names and have found that there are a few statements that have been helpful.  Helpful in getting higher response rates and higher offers.   Here are a few of the statements I’ve used that have helped in reaching a higher negotiation price. All of the statements are true and I find it helps the negotiation to let the potential buyer to have a little more information about the domain, and not just could be, would be, statements. Here are a few of the most recent responses I’ve used

1.  “Currently Google is charging $2.45 a click or lead for this term.  Last month we received 700 type ins on this name all without a site built on the name.  Undoubtedly the free Google traffic that would result from this keyword domain and the pages within, would save you tens of thousands of dollars in marketing cost”

2.  “The owner of this domain is currently using similar domains to generate leads that he is selling to Company X at $50 which may be selling them back to you”

3.  “While all names are unique, to give you a few examples of recent sales of very similar domains I’ve listed 3 below”  (I either get an offer or a response of “I had no idea they sold for that much, too much for me”)

4.  “Thanks for your interest in the name.  I see that you presently are using slflsafjsalf-hygene” as your domain name (misspell it, use dot com if it’s a dot net, or make some other mistake).  I believe upgrading to this names would make it much more memorable for you customers and the would be less likely to misspell, put in the wrong ending and go to the wrong site.

5.  I appreciate the offer but I am not interested in selling the domain.  I won’t say I’m not willing to sell at any price but certainly not at that price.

6.  Thank you for interest in  The price of this domain is $12,500.  I also wanted to tell you that I enjoy your ads.  Tell your marketing department that they do a great job and that you have found them a great name.   (I find that the marketing departments love good domains, makes their jobs easier)

7.  Thanks for inquiry.  If you’d like to submit an offer I can present it to the owner.   (I do this occasionally to make the name appear to be good enough to have it’s own broker when in actuality it’s little old me)

8.  Just so I don’t waste any more of your time.  The price of the domain is $75,000.  (When the back and forth emails aren’t going any where)

9.  We would accept $8,000 now and the balance in 6 months if that would help your financing.  We would simply hold the name in escrow to protect both parties.

10.  Thanks for your interest in this name.  Your sister has good taste.  I wish her well in her blog but unfortunately it won’t be on this domain at that price.

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12 Replies to “Ten Responses to Email Inquiries That Have Helped Me Achieve Higher Responses and Sales Prices”

  1. Thanks for the great information.

    How do you decide which outside names you want to broker? Are you doing outbound efforts to sell the domains to end users?

  2. as far as point 6/ is not $12,500 are selling for $1795 probably

  3. >>>I see that you presently are using slflsafjsalf-hygene” as your domain name (misspell it, use dot com if it’s a dot net, or make some other mistake).<<< LOL Shane.

    Very good suggestions in that list.

  4. I got this email last week:

    How much for ? I’m just one married guy with four step-children trying to start a web design business so I can work from home and spend more time with my wife who is dying of a terminal heart disease so I do not have a lot of money. Thank you for your time and have a great day. -Gabe

    Reply: Good luck, Gabe.

  5. @David,

    You miserable heartless piece of shit! You should have given it to him. His wife probably died because of you. By the way, what would you take for the name?

  6. @David

    Poor Gabe,
    if I were you, I would give that name free and send him more $10 K to save his wife …

  7. In the same vein as #’s 1,2 and 3, I like to compare their asking price to what they charge for their product or service. ex: A DUI lawyer offers $5k for a DUIATTORNEYNYC.COM. I simply point out that ONE client probably pays him $10k or more for his services, and that if they dont feel they can leverage the asset to generate more business than that, then they aren’t the right person to own the domain. Of course, charging them what it is really worth is always outside their budget, but I find it’s easier to raise the price based on the value of “X number” of clients vs. much else.

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