That Name That Just Sold for $2200 at Sedo? Sergey Brin’s Wife Anne Wojcicki Just Bought It

Dec 28 2011

If you’re not familiar with 23andMe, it’s a DNA testing/screening company that was founded by the wife of Google owner Sergey Brin.  Anne Wojcicki is more than just the wife of a billionaire, she is pioneering genetic screening and translating the results to give you a clearer picture of your health and future.  Evidently she is also a shrewd buyer.  She recently picked up for a mere $2200 this month at Sedo.

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As I stated in my article yesterday, I thought was a heck of buy, maybe even the buy of the year.  When I said it I was saying it was a great buy for a domain reseller. For a billionaire end user, it’s a steal.  She got the ultimate domain for just over $2000 when no doubt in my mind she would have paid much more for the name.  Other than it is as good of a generic as they could have purchased.  Now she can pay for the domain in a matter of hours with a few genetic screening sales.

Thanks to Lawrance for the tip

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  1. Tony

    Now, if only she can convince her hubby to convince Google to continue to value generic domain names instead of trying to kill them off.


    Interesting. I’m sure she will rank number one. First, the niche she’s working in, is cutting edge, noble, and specialized. Secondly, the name is awesome like you stated. And, oh she’s Google!

  3. Tom

    Great Name, I would not have sold it for any less than $15k, but who knew right, nice to see her office is across from Google’s…

    I think the .org has considerable value in this keyword makeup also.

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