THE BIG AFTERMARKET LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on June 3rd, 2014

Jun 03 2014

I’m pretty sure that most people have decided whether or not they are going to invest in the new gTLDs.  They’ve decided which names that have come out so far that they like and don’t like.  These are individual decisions.  The opinionated ramblings of all of us declaring the right and wrong way to approach this is just a bunch of hot air.  Who cares how others spend their money other than the owners of the gTLDs?  While I think certain purchases are foolish, I have no basis to say that it really is.  This game isn’t anywhere close to over.  I think there are some great opportunities left in the old tlds and will put 95% of my investments in those, but that’s my personal choice. I also am going to buy some new names with extensions that interest me. As I’ve said before it will be in extensions that are in my niche and others that are run by people and organizations that I think can make an extension successful (Daniel sure thinks he can)   Again, it’s my money and the only one effected by me buying the names is the person I bought it from and me. So listen to the chatter, listen to the noise, but most important, make your own choices, take it slow, and remember there are still hundreds of new endings coming out. This isn’t a numbers game for the domain owners, this is a money making game.    No Book of 10 this week.  Now taking names for Next Week   Great CVCV at auction.  Reserve is pretty high but worth a look   16 years old.   Never really thought teapot needed to be shortened but yet it has 15 years old.  Only one bidder.  A nice brand for the price  Bi zero.   I am surprised how well the zero 0 names do despite the obvious confusion it could cause.  This one is doing well despite   One of the better uses of dot me  Really surprised how high this one is going for   Reserve is pretty low $300.   Not sure what renewal is though   One of the better investment names on Flippa right now   IO names are startup names in my opinion and there’s no better startup name than HYPE  The price of this one tells you that Selfies is a million dollar name

NEW!!!! Working Godaddy Domain Code of the day.. 99 cent Transfer or New Registration GOFD722A  Most spell it with two Ls but many use only one. 17 years old  Very popular girls name.  Looks like more use one S than two   Generic for Shazaam .  No bidders  Decent domain site or blog name  Zhou Yu was a famous military strategist back in the day in China.  Evidently a lot of people like him  I think I forgot to buy one.  I really didn’t even know they had kits  Probably pushing the trademark but a nice name for a company that will manage your facebook account  Big business, high CPC but only one bidder

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  1. Neil

    I have had enough of this industry. I understand completely that blogs have to promote advertisers and I have no problem with that but with millionaire domain “figureheads” or should I say puppets now like Rick Schwartz selling out for a few bucks even though he is a multi millionaire and Page Howe telling everyone to jump in the XYZ pool yesterday in my opinion tells the sorry state of a declining industry. Yes the GTLDs will give it a shot in the arm but its a blip. Look at the recent TRAFFIC conference, it was barely mentioned anywhere yet people blogging about XYZ was everywhere. I am not against the new GTLDS as there will be some good ones but XYZ? C/mon people its just another PW and we know what happened there.
    I am sick of this industry, its just getting smaller and smaller and too cliquey. I used to check out regularly every day buy now I barely bother its just the same writers selling the same rubbish. If you all want to learn something then I suggest you go to Warrior Forum. Thats what I read regularly now, forget domaining.Goodbye and good luck.

  2. Kassey

    ” I think there are some great opportunities left in the old tlds and will put 95% of my investments in those, but that’s my personal choice.” That’s my choice too.

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