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10 Replies to “The Domain Madness Screenshot Says It All”

  1. I’m sorry, but I thought the whole process – from beginning to end – was a shambles…Just amateurish & sloppy on detail.

    The domain list looked VERY ordinary to me, too (despite the hype) – and I think there was ONE bid, on ONE domain prior to the vanishing online auction, itself…Evidence of the under-whelming quality of the names, perhaps?

    I doubt they had even 20 online bidders…

    …Would it be too cynical to say that they had virtually NO ONE logging in to bid online – and, it was heading for total disaster – so, they pulled the plug on it after it started….and, then put out the BS story that they had Soooo many logging in that their servers crashed, as a face saver…??!!…Quite possible.

    “We did it TOO Well…” says Mike Fiol &…..

    Too well…?!?!


  2. “server crash” seemed a little fishy when I heard it as well. That was my gut talking.

    I like the guys behind Boxcar, but this one doesn’t look good.

    The first “Domain Madness” was held on, the second on, so I’m not sure if it was the same auction platform this year on Boxcar or not?

  3. 1500 unique visitors at one time? Really? If not, the only other explanation is a hacker or its just not true.

    The picture along with the livestream comments is the funniest pic I’ve seen this year. Love it!

  4. I am getting 403 Forbidden error when I try to access All the advertisement went to waste $$$> Feel sorry for all those submitted the domains for auction. Now they’re stuck with that 60day contract.

  5. Shane, I do have to say WTF to this piece. DM is also a conference and one way to get domainers to show up was to offer chair massages during the auction. And it worked, they came but it didn’t happen. We can’t offer massages are our conference? WTF, let’s not overdue it.

    It was no fly-by-night, we had a professional video crew on hand and at that point I was talking to the host who was monitoring the activity.

    There was no attack (that would be like 100k) and we were watching as the load times kept dropping the more people showed up.

    Checking the logs afterward we actually maxed out 1734 users – no B.S. and the CPU was just not big enough to handle that many simultaneous connections. That is ALOT of connections at once, saved for much larger sites – akin to getting 50,000-60,000 uniques per day. You would need a BIG server to handle that.

    And that’s the plain truth. The marketing worked too well, the site did not.

  6. Sedo, SnapNames, Latona, Aftermarket Bido had at least one time a similar propblem with their live auction.
    So it’s not a shame nor dramatic that Boxcar yesterday failed.
    Its’ simply annoying because I wanted to hear Mike animate the auction: I like his energy and good humor 😉

    So we will just wait nexrt week…

    PS: I’ll kill the one who outbid me in … LOL

    1. Francois,

      You are 100% correct. I guess I was looking for the look of disgust and anger that I saw when Ricks auction was going bad. All I could see were people enjoying themselves but I guess that’s what attendees are supposed to be doing. Mike seems like a decent guy that doesn’t get flustered and maybe I wanted to see frustration. I know I would have been pissed if it were mine.

  7. Sorry, I’ve only been at this silliness since the mid-90s (and _yes_ I know a bit more than I’d like about “Domain Madness”)….

    You tell us this “screenshot says it all.” How about you give some of us another little clue– or even, go all the way and share just what it is it says to “You.”

    (I don’t get out much, plus the staff here at the home think I’m a bit “slow.”)

    Many thanks!

    Roy Flanders

  8. Mike, I run a dedicated server and it does heavy traffic sometimes and it is challenging to manage the load sometimes so I feel for you. Basically you weren’t prepared for the traffic after all your marketing efforts. I think the reason you got flak is not because of the server overload but because of video feeds like this and saying things like you “did things too well” If that happened to my users the first thing I’m doing is giving them a sincere apology for the servers crashing and Im not saying I did anything well. You can’t really blame people for their reaction to it. I hope you have better luck with your next one.


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