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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks. Same Old Format

Well, it looks like we all have this buying domains thing down but getting the auction side down is a bit trickier.  As a domain investor I want to see all auctions do well.  It’s good for our industry, plain and simple.  But some reason, we are having difficulty putting together good mixes and time and time again we have lacked the technology to pull off a live auction.  Fortunately, we all learn from each auction and there are some positives that have evolved this year.  Let’s get to the part that’s easy.  Buying the domains.  Here are today’s picks. You were going to find it anyway so I’ll point it out.  One of my favorite names this year.  I’ll be bidding high on this one so bring your checkbook. Plenty of organizations with this acronym.  The Elephant Reserve Consumption Association with founding member Bob Parsons might be interested.  1996 registration I like this one but ironically the naysayers would disagree. A form of Chinese opera.  In other words, something that 1 billion people are familiar with I realize you won’t get rich with this name but it’s a popular last name and company name that I think you would have no trouble getting your $79 back and then some.  It’s worth triple that for email value alone. Not just what happens when someone drafts Demetri McCamey, plenty of other great uses for this 1999 registration. Deal of the century at the present price of $60.  10,000 searches and $8900 at Japanese names and some age. 1996 domain I think it’s worth $500 or so

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  1. Was already picked up. It’s hard to find 3 character .org with no numbers. Good assessment on the domains. Thanks

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