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Tuesday’s Semi-Fantastic Daily Drop And Auction Picks 4/5

A few nice names today, nothing too exciting.  There are a few great names coming up in the next couple of days but per usual, I’ll list them with 24 hours to go.  Take a look at today’s names Not sure what your business model would be with this one but can’t argue about it being generic enough Last name or just a nice 5 letter dot com.  Either way I really like it. I know a few Camis and I’m pretty sure none of them can get off work at the restaurant to bid on this thing so it could go cheap.  2000 registration Everyone is looking for bargains.  Even on a dot net. Would be a bargain itself under $2oo Three letter dot orgs are starting to increase in value at a greater rate than the dot nets Interesting collectible domain.  I’m not a big fan but there are plenty of people that are.  These things are very liquid One of my favorite non product dot nets this month I really like this name.  A perfect name for a freelance site for people requesting someone to make them an item.  I want a suit made so I’ll go to to find someone to do it. This is an unusual name.  You can spell modelling either way. Modeling is correct as well.  Great name here with a $60,000 valuate


Now onto the names from the Domain Madness Auction

I mean this as no disrespect to all the guys that worked so hard to put this thing together and the people that own the names but…… I see no names that I would buy at those prices.  After talking to a person that owns a few of the names up for auction, I realize why the reserves are high.  He has already received offers very close to the the reserve price of the auction so there was no reason to list it for less.  I agree, but those prices just aren’t prices I’m willing to pay so I’ll just watch.  I was being honest when I picked my contest picks that no names would sell.  I hope I’m very wrong for the owners of the domains but so far I’m more right than wrong.

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  1. I wanted from Domain Madness auction but the reserve is 15,000.

    Ok I want that domain but not as much as a new car which I could buy at that price..! 🙂

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