The Finally Friday Daily Dropping Domains

Apr 23 2010

I’m presently looking for a new dropping domains analyzer.  I am also looking for a new sponsor for this daily post.  I liked DomainStryker, “Mike” does a good job with it but looking for another site or program.  Email me if you have a something that you think is solid and would like to sponsor this site or work something out.  Now on to the names Not a ton of searches but a nice name for a marketing company You know what’s better than a coach?  A supercoach 2900 searches and a $1200 valuation A ton of bidders for this fine name A pretty nice 4L.

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  1. Nate from Bloomington

    I tried DomainStryker (found out about it here)…it was decent but too expensive IMO. One that I’m going to try next time I’ve got the time is At just under $25/month it seems like a steal (its got lots of metrics too). I’m pretty sure it can be used with the free version of DRT (Domain Research Tool)…I would prefer a desktop application anyways as it’s a much smoother process especially when handling large amounts of data.

    That’s the cheapest premium drop list that I could find and it seems to have the most data. Its web-based tools seem very limited, but when combined with DRT it may just be a winner. I do believe DRT has an affiliate program as well.

  2. Sergio Gour

    Have you tried

    it’s completely free and has all the metrics you need,
    it has some very good options for searching and sorting data.

    i tried them all, this is the one i stay with…

    have fun!

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