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The Friday Morning 7 Links

I’m not sure if anyone even cares about these links but I have a good time looking for them so I’m going to continue posting them.  I received my first two emails suggesting a link so that’s a sign that at least two people are reading them.  By the way, I’d like to thank my Mom and Uncle Bob for sending the links.

brocobamaBrocObama, get it?  I put it up because I get a private tour of the White House next Thursday.  It’s nice having political connections, OK I know our Congressman

It looks like a normal wheelbarrow race …….but then

If Greylock invests in your online business you’re on the road to big things.  Redfin received $10 million from them

Idiotic Harry Reid proposing tax hike on “wealthy”.  The more I make the more they take

I believe in niche domaining and this certainly is.  Here’s a guy selling dog related domain names

This is older but still funny…30 mispronounced domain names

I think Shoe makes an excellent point, “Surround yourself with successful people”  Just not attractive, he and John Chow are fugly but wealthy and successful so therefore I shall surround myself with them.  Although I may have blown my chance with that fugly thing

Take a look at Apple’s soaring pile of cash

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