The Only Way to Cash Out is To Sell Out: The DnGator Story

I’m getting a kick out of the opinions and stories floating around the domain world about the recent sellout of DnGator to The first thing that comes to my mind is congrats to Theo.  He doesn’t know me but I still am happy for him.  As a former sell out blogger and sellout website owner,  I know the value of cashing in for all your hard work.  I sold my blog to Break and was part owner of a website that was sold to CBS for over $4 million.  The results of those two sales a few years later?  I have a ton more money in my pocket and those sites have either gone dark or are no longer the sites they were when I was in charge.  Some times I feel guilty but that is how you make money, you build and you sell.  There is almost always more money in selling your work than trying to cash flow it.  There is always someone out there that thinks they can make more of your site that what you’ve done and many times they are right.  Other times they are underestimating what it take to run the site or the original owner’s talent behind the scene.  With that thought, I think Theo made out well and not quite sure what domaining bought that they couldn’t build themselves but it really doesn’t matter.  It looks like both sides are happy and both can move on towards their end goals.

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