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The Original Monday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drops Picks

I’ve had some good success getting some names from SnapNames and Namejet lately. For those of you that don’t understand. NameJet names can have a reserve. Just because you have high bid doesn’t mean you get the name. If you have questions about how these auctions work email me, I can probably answer your questions or direct you to the person that can help. Namejet, Snapnames, and Godaddy are all good for the industry because they offer liquidity. Now onto the names A ton of places with this name and I’m sure you could sell the name to one of them. 74,000 searches and 100 plus bidders These are the kinds of names I like. Things people know and know how to spell. And these usually go for reasonable prices. Much better buy IMO opinion than some three word product domain with no resale value Hd is always good but overall a nice 4L dot com. Travel names always do well Another one of my color + animal domains that I love. This one already at $1200 You know I like numerics and this is another that should do well 3 letter dot net commodity and looking for good price to flip If this were a dot com it would sell for hundreds of thousands. This should be a lot cheaper. Dot org or not this is a big name Big interest in this. 81 bidders but could be all gawkers I don’t like gold but it’s not what I like it’s what buyers like

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  1. How funny is that… .. you have to re brand your daily auction drops. BTW I know the original and the clone without the re branding, but some times the duplicate seems to have a better taste….. just a matter of taste. I still like the original, but opt for fakes for added trill.

    Wish you a good day SHANE @ THE ORIGINAL


  2. Those are 3 of the better .orgs I’ve seen in a while – great list combined with a greenmonkey. I had hoped that one would go for less – I kinda like it.

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