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Friday’s DomainShane T-Shirt Contest

Every Friday starting today,  I’m going to give away a long sleeve T-shirt as seen Here.  They are highly coveted shirts not because of their quality but rather the honor of just owning one.  They were so graciously printed and donated by, THE Chinese domain auction site, and evidently we had a little mix up in sizing but again,  although they may run small in size,  they run large in prestige.  So today I am giving away two shirts.  There are two very opposite ways of winning a shirt.

1.  I will give a shirt to the person that emails me the highest Valuate valuation domain available to hand register. You could also trade me a domain for the shirt.  If a trade comes in higher than an available hand register then they win.  Don’t post the domain (I will do that at the end of the contest) because obviously with this community the availability will go away as soon as it’s posted in the comments

2. The person that can get the “best looking” person to wear a DomainShane shirt and send me a photo.   It can be a guy or a girl (although I way VERY heavily towards a girl).  The person has to be willing to wear the shirt, take a photo,  and allow me to post it.  Email me a photo of the person that will wear it and I’ll send it along.  So far Oscar (pictured above and a non paid model) is the hottest person and sets the standard with Tom (in the link up top and a very handsome Packers fan) coming in a close second….and there is no third.  We’re trying to beautify the site and my mug isn’t helping.  If you know someone that can do that shirt proud, take advantage.  Please refrain from emails of sexual content as we run a sexy site not a sex site.

All right, I’ll end the contest on Tuesday at Noon so that gives you time to look up some names and meet a cute girl at the bar.   Send the emails to [email protected] dot net.  Remove the Gs

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4 Replies to “Friday’s DomainShane T-Shirt Contest”

  1. Shane,

    Lets skip all this…. Email me, Ill give you my address, ship me a shirt. I will proceed to get a very hot girl to put it in and Ill snap some pics and send em.

    Then ship me a large too so I can represent. I’ll let her keep the shirt she tries on for “double” the marketing

    ; )

  2. Shane, can I go off topic? I know this is an old question, but for some of us, we collect 50 or so related names and then suddenly we are stuck because first of all we dont know if they are any good or not, and if so, what to do with them? (sell/develop) Is there any place or anyone where a guy could present their concept and name list and get an honest appraisel of any chance of success? As a musician, I have a number of jazz and instruction related names such as Its a narrow niche and im struggling with how to make use of them.


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