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The Playboy Mansion Was Awesome!!!!

images-2I wasn’t even able to attend the Playboy Mansion party at DomainFest but because I am jealous, I am going to try and trump everyone’s story telling me how awesome it was by writing a fake post before they get posted.  It would go something like this

When the limousine came to pick us up I thought it would be your typical, 20 people pile in like we’re off to High School prom.  Not this time.  6 per car and 4 Playboy bunnies who were already waiting in the car.  The whole way there we drank Krystal as the girls played musical chairs on our laps while listening to Little Jon.

As I exited the car it was like I had entered Heaven.  That is, if Heaven were filled with 200 topless Playboy bunnies.  The hardest part of the evening was building up the stamina to pleasure the 20 different girls in the grotto but after enough a few Red Bulls I was able to finish each job.  I did have one favorite here name was Keira.

Keira was a 105 lb DD blonde from LA.  She had heard that I specialized in SEO.  She said it made her horny and she took me in the grotto.  As we started kissing she said she picked me out of all the guys because she heard I was good for SEO.  I told he I was impressed she knew what SEO stood for.  She said of course I do.  “It stands for Seven to Eight Orgasms”   So I had one more Red Bull

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  1. Let’s just say, one has no idea how ‘awesome’ the party was! Naked and scantily clad hotties, everywhere! A true Playboy party. If DOMAINfest does the Playboy mansion again next year, it will sell out ‘early’!!

    Thanks Oversee!

  2. Sitting here disappointed I didn’t opt to go to LA, conf, and the mansion last night too – this made my post made my day better. thanks.

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