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The Results of the Vegas Slot Pull Giveaway

Vegas-Slot-PullThe results are in from the accounting firm of Cultra,Wells, Correa, and Thompson on the first annual Vegas Slot pull.  Chad at AdInfinite was announced as the winner back on January 15th and he has been holding his breath in excitement since.  I took our accounting team to the Hard Rock slots and inserted the $20 winnings.

According to the rules we played only the $20 and no more.   No pressing or “letting in ride”.  As per our own rules we made the pull between 1 am and 6am Vegas time.  The results were not exactly as we had planned with the total after all pulls being $5.  Since $5 won’t even buy you a beer or a hand register I’ve decided to give the original $20 back to Chad.

IMG_3011I let Chad know of the winnings and after all the screams he let me know he would buy a domain with it.  Of course, what else would a domainer do with their money.

Domain Spotlight: