The Weekends’s Big List of Domains At Auction, Dropping and For Sale Around the Net

Feb 18 2012

I hope everyone has a good weekend.  Here are a few names that might make your weekend a little brighter. I call bullshit  Not often you see a real PR 7 come up on a drop  Music or spider crushing  I actually had no idea this was a real course  but most states have it.  Since I run from the cops every time I get pulled over I’ve never had to worry about it.  I guess my “Dukes of Hazzard” online course has paid off  I’m guessing online hot tubs are more sanitary  With no bidders this would be a pretty good buy for a 12 year domain.  I need to get over my fear of Florida.  I feel like people from Illinois and New York go there to die.  This is going to hit some big dollars.  CVCV alert!  Evidently awesome is the official word of all people under 18 but slowly being replaced with “amazing”   Hard to believe there are no bidders on this old domain  Rider or undies?  Emissions are becoming a bigger deal each and every year.  Nothing works better with dot org than organic and coop




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