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The $XX Auction That Nobody Knew About ……The Final

As I mentioned in Part 3, with 2 days left , a wrench had been thrown in.  Rick Latona.  Had he realized that 4 letter dot coms with a few Xs and Qs in them could  be just as valuable to end users as  I was hoping he was on his private jet on his way to Costa Rica and had missed the emails.  The money I was going to make was already burning a hole in my pocket and I didn’t even have the names yet.  At first I thought about flipping them at T.R.A.F.F.I.C but realized Rick would probably be a bit scorned about missing out on the names and pass.  I’m thinking Ebay, maybe Bido.  Three diet cokes, and two hours later I stop daydreaming about all the tens of tens of dollars I’m going to make and get back to reality.

Then the next hurdle is put before me. The rules of the game get changed and there is no way to stop it. The other party offers up 10 long tail keyword dot infos and $250.  The seller emails us and tells us he’s pretty sure that’s the direction he’s going to go.  Dot infos are hot, there’s really nothing I can say to deny that.  If only I had a few .in or .me up my sleeve to throw into the pot.  I decide to go all in.

I decide that cash speaks louder than .info so I bid everything I have.  The $300 I made on my long tail .infos I sold last month. The $65 I made the last two months parking at Sedo.  The $11 I made on my blog last month.  And the $1.13 I made last week in revenue share at Namepros over the last two years.  $378.13  It rolled off the tongue.  I just hoped it was enough.

Time can sometimes fool you. A few seconds can feel like an eternity. Using that logic I probably took years off my life during the few moments I waited after I gave my last bid. My last bid was a large increase. I then got the email from the dude in Florida……it’s over

The guy had forgotten to pay his renewal and lost all the damn domains.  Seems he had registered them with a 2nd tier domain service and he said he never got a renewal notice.  I did a little homework to see if I could pick them up on a drop.  Too late, they were up for sale……at Ebay for $21,000,000.   If he gets that I’ll I’ll be sick

Domain Spotlight: