This is Why You Don’t Believe “We Were Going to Develop It But Now Need Money” Statements

May 01 2012

I’m going to start off by saying I don’t know the owners of the domain I am going to talk about and I have no ill will either but there are certain things that make me feel like some domain owners think we’re all idiots.

The other day I talked about a domain dropping at Godaddy,   I said that I was going to buy it if it sold below $1500.  It sold for $1600 so I didn’t buy it.  Good buy for the new owner and best of luck to them.  Then I go to the headlines and see a link to this over at Flippa

I have NO problem with people flipping names.  Its what we all do.  I prefer having people not knowing what I paid for domains but if you buy in a public marketplace then you have to face the fact that the sale price is going to be on the net for people to find.  The issue is not the price it’s the statement.

There are absolutely no extensions available for this one. !We were going to develop this one out but need development money for our other project

Unless the original owner renewed it at the last moment then the new buyer had intended to develop it for what?  A day?   Now he wants to sell.  If it is the original owner then he almost let it expire and obviously doesn’t care too much about the name.  Either way this is the perfect example of why nobody believes these types of statements.  They want to sell to make a little money because THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO BUILD IT OUT!  I hope the owner makes a little profit because it was a good buy but don’t treat us domain buyers like we’re stupid.  You will make a profit because it is a good name, no more no less.  And now they owe me 10% for the publicity.

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  1. Acro

    10% for ratting him out? 😀 But I agree, flipping a domain while giving a fake reason is like “the dog ate my homework”. Most domain flippers are still in college.

  2. L1234M

    Most people are ‘associative thinkers’.
    They have limited (or no) depth to their analytical skills, so they make judgements based on the details and circumstances that surround something, rather than critically appraising the thing itself.

    These people are enormously susceptible to being manipulated with fabricated narratives and ‘suggestion’.

  3. steve

    What I see it as is a cultural thing. Is it because all these small countries are over populated and have a survive by lieing or making stuff up culture.

    Registrant Name:mohamed irfan
    Registrant Street1:186 nugmbakam

    It was easy to guess this person was of foreign decent. I don’t give a f what others think. I run into this every day.
    They have no control limits and they go to any lengths because they have no wired limits.

    They do learn over time. The lady at the bank, from India, that was so over the top I was ready to leave the bank, got fired. So she must have pressed other bank clients hard as well.

    But they are spreading this attitude and the risk is others see it as the way to go. If you have reprisal coming because you are working alone then they can and will do whatever they want.

    He will probably double or triple his money on this sale and I bet he won’t report it on his taxes either.

  4. Mike H

    I don’t know why anybody cares about his statement. Is that really going to change the price of what any of you would be willing to pay for the domain?

    Having development plans is always a good thing for any domain you buy. Maybe this domain doesn’t meet reserve and he’s hit next month with a UDRP from Google or or who knows who else… but, but, but I have development plans…

  5. Snowbored

    I agree with Mike H. You need to always have legitimate development plans for your domaims just to cover your bases legally. I always start any domain related email with ‘I have plans for that domain but…”. You never know what people will try to pull. That said, basing your auction of that is kind of lame.

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