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Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-2-12

The beauty of the Internet is that sales aren’t effected by weather. The weather has been so shitty here in Central Illinois. Rain, tornadoes, cold. You name it we’ve had it. Highs in the 40s last Saturday and 90’s this Thursday. If you believe in the world coming to an end then the crazy weather is supporting your case. It screws with sale in the nursery because its feast or famine. Rain and we have people that can’t get their job done and then sun and we have so many customers we can’t help them all. If it would stay normal we would be fine. I guess that’s the fun of business. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. Now on to the names.

CloudSight.comThese cloud prices seem to hold steady. This one has reached a solid price already This one is going to do VERY well. I wish I was the seller here but wouldn’t mind being the buyer either. 1996 Birthday  1996 domain deserves more than 2 bidders  I have one of these.  Its where I print most of my money

FeedStop.comAt least it has two simple, easy to remember words  Had more value a few years ago but pretty sure it will continue to come into play.  No bidders  Lots of ads, lots of searches, no bidders  Great name, OK tld  You an help with it or dish it out.  The former would probably have a better PPC

TheHornyPhotographer.comSounds like the worst children’s book ever written  No bidders on this drop that I think has a nice sound and could be used for historic location bookings.  Or perhaps a diary of ones travel.  Worth a shot at this price  Has a $7000 bid.  Somebody has a plan. Want to ruin there’s?

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  1. want to ruin *theirs?

    see still doin’ my original job around here.

    You get in on Was surprised it was running that high yesterday.

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