This Weekend’s Big Christmas List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Net

Dec 24 2011

Like many of us I’m heading out for Christmas to see the family and will be gone for the weekend so I’m going to combine today and Christmas day’s domain finds into one.  I still have a few more articles before then so I won’t wish all the Christmas celebrators anything until tomorrow. I would love to have this name but it would tie up my bankroll for the month.  Then again, not sure if it’s really ever been untied. 53 Bidders also think this name is pretty good I thought I was going to sneak in and get this one.  Creativity trumps all but I’ll need straight up cash to trump the other bidders here Not bad for $99 Ks and Ws are the call letters of many different TV and Radio station.  There is one with these call letters in Tuscon Plenty of uses.  Teaching, coaching, hop scotch.  I threw that in because I was named “Mr. Hustle” in 1994 on my Pro League Hop Scotch team.  Not the best player on the team but always gave it my all. I’m just a coach now.  Too old Boring name but 47 people like it so I put it up. Friends? Lesbians?  Spit it out. A ton of vintage fishing gear collectors out there.  True story.  I was selling some stuff at auction and had an old tackle box.  Box was old stuff inside not really.  So I put a lock on the box before the auction.  By keeping the content unknown the thing went for almost $500.  The box was probably worth $100 but they thought they were going to find a goldmine inside.  I know it’s wrong but I was young.  Not sure if I’d do it today.  Well I’d never admit publicly I’d still do it. For you keyword people.  The dot info works very well here.  One click pays for the domain.  I’d do it but I have 100 names deep to develop. I hate cedar houses.  Look all old and moldy.  Love cedar pergolas though.  Crazy isn’t it? Used to have The Cable, now I have The Satellite Dish Gonna have to beat Adam to this one Anyone else see 23 and automatically think Michael Jordan?  Man I miss watching him play The doctors that sees Vincent Van Gogh.  Get it, missing his ear?  Sorry

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  1. Nick

    “ The doctors that sees Vincent Van Gogh. Get it, missing his ear?”

    How do you come up with this stuff. Very Funny.

    Merry Christmas

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