This Weekend’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Roll Tide

Nov 05 2011

Big game for me tonight.  As a Bama grad and 10 year resident of Tuscaloosa, I have a little like for the Crimson Tide.  Even if I didn’t,  I really don’t like LSU (no offense Tucker).  I’ll be eating a big ass Chipotle burrito watching my 180″ plasma watching the Tide slowly pound LSU.  I love the way Bama just pounds on a team until they can barely get up after every play. To the point the other team’s defense is shaking their head no but nobody’s asked a question. Here’s today’s list courtesy of Dropday. Pets, kids, Americans love to adopt. Clever 1995 domain. Loved that group. Or maybe it was crows More bidders than I would have thought for this one. No job, no income, no problem I would think you could monetize this one pretty easily.  The org gives you credibility right off the bat. These are the kind of names that are very brandable.  You get the right person and this name will bring good returns. One problem.  Already a product out there with this name I’m still facinated by lasers.  A beam of light shouldn’t be able to cause so much damage. Nice 5L.  Haven’t decided if I am going to bid on it yet Just put 100% verified at the bottom of the pics and then everyone will know it’s real. Debt is a big boy keyword.  This one won’t go cheap I only put this up to show how so many domains have worthless adjectives.  Like there is such thing as kids strip poker No bidders on this and under $100 would be a good deal IMO Text alerts are already big business.

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  1. Tucker

    Though I’m not typically a betting man, I’ll be surprised if I don’t see hanging crimson helmets at the end of this one. Geaux Tigers!!

  2. Troy

    “watching my 180″ plasma”

    Ok… I’m calling bulls**t on the 180 inch plasma.

    Prove it, post a pic of you next to the TV (preferably during the game) and you will make me a believer.

    (you might also make me a uninvited guest at some future point in the season=))

  3. Jason Thompson

    It doesn’t take a 180″ plasma TV to watch LSU smash Bama. Make sure to eat that Chipotle burrito nice and slow as you might need a little of that tortilla to wipe a few tears out of your eyes when LSU ends up winning. 🙂

    1. Post author


      I guess it depends if your team kicked the field goal or not. Alabama pretty much handed the game to LSU. It was anyone’s game. Congrats

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